Human & Lupusad - Of Men and Wolves

Discussion in 'Writing' started by Jonesy, Dec 14, 2015.

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    It's no problem, take all the time you need ^^
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    Woooo! Great story! I haven't read all of it but I plan on it.
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  3. Jonesy

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    Quick update; university is still busy, but I've managed to finish the next chapter. Proof-readers permitting, it'll be up in a week or two.
  4. Jonesy

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    Chapter 22 is up!
  5. stumblinbear

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    Woo~ New chapter!X3

    I didn't know Zyanya was a verb *Zyanyas around happily* :v

    Loved it. Though, sad that the mindset that children have to work is an actual thought among many, if not most, Lupusad parents ;-;
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  6. Jonesy

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    Man, I've really been messing up sentences with this one. Bloody assignments, burning me out.
    --- Post updated ---
    Chapter 23 is up!
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    cool, that was a fancy one, I like it :nuruflirt:
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  8. 5307

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    Bonjour, je ne suis qu'au chapitre un, mais je voulais savoir si l'histoire se passait dans l'univers de starbound. Merci et un gros gg à toi pour ton travail

    Hello, I am only a chapter, but I wanted to know if the story was going in starbound universe. And a big thank you to you for your gg work
  9. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Hello! Glad you're enjoying it. The story is not set in the Starbound universe, instead taking place in one inspired by such games as Thief and Arcanum.

    And please note that forum rules require all posts to be in English, or at least provide a translation. I've added one for you, but you need to include them yourself from now on.
  10. 5307

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    Ok thanks you :nurutease:
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    Oh, darnit, I missed another update ;-;

    It's nice to see that at least SOME care, even if it has to start with the children, it's better than nothing and will definitely lead to bigger and better things, eventually :3

    "A noblewoman, of all people, was emphasizing with her." - Definitely not the correct word, should be empathizing, correct?X3
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  12. Corraidhín

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    Really enjoying your writings friend, I am really eager to see how your story keeps growing!

    *still has to read 20 more chapters*

    Edit: Uhh btw, I dont know if its been mentioned but on chapter 3 - Restaurant scene (friendly conversation)

    "The two chuckled, but remained silent afterwards. Zyanya was slightly embarrassed by the exchange, but was still moved by the fact that Jakob felt that way about her. It was odd coming from a human, but no less genuine.

    Before long, the two agreed to spit the bill."

    I think it would be a huge pain to correct it, given the size of these enjoyable stories, but I couldnt help letting you know.
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  13. Thee Pie Man

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    About to enjoy your stories from the small bit I read before grabbing them in some .txt files for offline reading. (Hope that's okay, not going to distribute them or try to claim them as my own of course.) I don't really have reliable Internet to be honest. From what I've read so far I'm going to enjoy this a lot. I'll let you know how I feel about them after reading the 23 chapters you've posted thus far. ^-^
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  14. Jonesy

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    If that's how you want to read them, go ahead. Hell, the forum server's not been the most reliable lately, so even I've been getting the odd 502 error. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to your feedback.

    And while I'm here, a quick update; the next chapter is finished and awaiting proof-reading.
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  15. Jonesy

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    Chapter 24 is up!
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  16. stumblinbear

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    O-... Oh... oh.... I... oh.... that......

    ..... oh....
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  17. Jonesy

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    Is that a good or bad thing?
  18. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Read the 23 chapters as I stated I would, going to read the 24th shortly after but I thought I'd post my feedback:

    I enjoy the story a lot, everything unfolds well, there's not too much contention among the characters that makes it feel padded but at the same time there's enough to make them feel realistic and not just some kind of robots that are trying to emulate what love would be. The story has good depth, not just emotionally but there's a lot of sub-plots going on in the background which leaves people speculating and keeps the mind jumping tracks; not only allowing for surprises but overall one of the better reads I've ever had- of course there's some grammar issues here and there; or a random word is just repeated but it's not enough to side-track from the story. Surely; compared to published books this has had me more enthralled and enjoying every minute reading it, I await each new chapter aquiver in anticipation. I find that my favorite part is just how many personalities are within the story; everyone that I've read about thus far have been different, unique. I'm used to writers putting different characteristics of themselves, or those around them into characters making for not as much diversity- within the confines of 1-6 characters max, your story however encompasses two races, and several tens of characters which is nothing short of a refreshing and welcome change to the pace of other stories I've read.

    With best regards, continue doing what you love.
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  19. Jonesy

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    Glad you're enjoying it! I hope the coming chapters live up to your expectations.
  20. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I have little doubt of that; my expectations are simply that you continue to do what you enjoy. Whether that's writing this story or other things. I just got done reading chapter 24. The plot has definitely thickened. It's pretty exciting to be there as a story unfolds over time than just getting one book. I believe that's what makes Comics online, and stories like these so interesting.

    Take care Jonesy, and until next time. C=
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