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  1. bdavid

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    Hi everyone, first thread here. Before we go to the pics i want to add a little of context. Basically i like to roleplay with the protectorate as some sort of galactic United Nations and one of its main objectives after the destruction of Earth has been to create a human city to start rebuilding the human civilization. After pondering a lot about the city and after another smaller project (apex refugees colony) i have decided to start working in what will be called "Luna City", the new center of human culture.

    I must admit the houses specifically have been giving me some headaches but after a while i think i have come with a design that i feel satisfied with, i may make some tweaks but i think that the design is basically complete. The goals with the design were this:
    .Minimalist look.
    .Some sort of "intelligent/futuristic" feel.

    and the result was this:

    Human house.png human house2.png

    The decoration is just temporal, things like the wooden chest and the foraging table are just temporal, but once i start i building the city proper most of the decoration will be futuristic/sci-fi. I had some problems making the high-tech blocks to behave as i wanted but alongside the mirrors (colocated at the side of each door and on the entrance to the room of the second floor) are supposed to be some sort of smart mirror, also every house will have a crafting station to make them useful in some way. There isnt much else to say right now, hope you like it.
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  2. Mariel141

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    I really like your little house design! It is unique, but also looks like it fits in well with the game world, like it could have been one of the generated buildings. Can't wait to see your city!
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  3. bdavid

    bdavid Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks! Hope I can finish the city soon.
  4. Elecepont

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    Nice, it looks modern! I wish this was an official building in planet's citys.
  5. KingDragonMage

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    amazing, i like the use of different blocks and shapes!
  6. Jonesy

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    Interesting use of the foraging station. I'll have to remember that.

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