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RELEASED Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    Indeed I'm still working on the thruster/engine things. The old implementation didn't cause errors or anything and you might not notice most of the time, but Starbound completely changed implementation. So the old object don't actually react in FTL. I'm sort of remaking them all. Yes all. The new implementation will ultimately involve far fewer files too.

    Feel free to send me any new content you want to add too. There is lots of possible objects to make of course.

    I've thought about this too, but haven't tried to make it yet. Small pipes/wire conduits as a material mod. There is the brasspipe mod now, but I'm talking smaller so you can see the tiles it goes through still. Of course I don't know if that can go too small and still look good. You'd be talking 3-5 pixels wide. But I intend to try and see how it works out in practice. I just wish we had more that 8x8 pixels per tile to work with.

    I guess I should specify this. Yes I intend to add this to the workshop as well. But I don't want to (re)release something that's broken you know. Maybe people would be happy with it as is, but it just isn't how I'd like to do things(beyond test build releases anyhow). Also the mod's been down for so long anyhow, might as well wait a little longer to get it right.
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  2. loopnotdefined

    loopnotdefined Starship Captain

    Hoping to see a rereleased version of this...just started looking into making my own version of this mod. Only really care about blocks that match ship bulkhead so I can block off holes in walls and floors w/o looking weird. :zombie:
  3. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    You can use the link on the first post here.
    It is 1.3 ready. The only thing is the engines won't change animation in FTL. I completed the booster fix though. The engines are the one thing needing fixed still.

    Maybe I'm being too picky on re-release considering people are back for 1.3 maybe I should just release and fix the engines after. Not like they'll cause a problem and I bet 99% of people won't notice. Bugs me though!

    Of course there is a larger list of possible improvements to be made, but like most mods that's a list that never gets cleared. We just keep adding to it.

    Yeah I'm being too picky. Better to let people to play it now with such a minor problem.
    edit 2:
    (cough) http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/hull-plating-blocks-more-revived.4782/
    Now I need to put it on the workshop. The existing description won't work thanks to the workshop's lack of collapsing spoiler tags. That's gonna waste more time than anything.
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