How will Starbound handle servers?

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  1. SeparateElite

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    Will Starbound have a server browsers built in? Will it be like Terraria? What will the max amount of people be? I've been thinking and it would blow my mind if there could be 50-100 player servers, imagine exploring the universe thinking you've found a new planet only to find that a huge colonization has already taken claim, it was just be crazy to venture out and find people in the most unexpected places. Any thoughts, or answers? Thanks!
  2. Herdo

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    There will be several quintillion worlds to explore. The chances of you ever finding another persons colony even on a 10,000 person server is much smaller than winning the lottery.

    That being said, I see the potential for large servers. I'm going to copy and paste what I said on Reddit about this:

    "I think we will see a lot more large scale servers. Even when Minecraft servers could support 100+ players, they aren't super popular because everyone starts at the same spot, has to build out from there, and has to stay close to spawn because that is where the "town" is. Everything feels extremely crowded, and even when you do want to get away, there is no quick way to do it.
    With literally quintillions of worlds, in Starbound we could have a server of 1000+ players and never run into another person. I have a feeling the bigger servers will setup a "Server home planet" where PVP is turned off, and players can trade, group together to fight bosses and complete missions, and socialize. Because travel is conducted through the space ship, you can instantly travel to town, then zip off to some far away planet where no one will ever find you."

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see servers with much more than 100 players.
  3. About this is pretty simple: Servers will handle many as the hardware is capable off. Still it wasn't tested in a large-scale yet. ;)
  4. SeparateElite

    SeparateElite Intergalactic Tourist

    So, that being said, does everyone spawn on a random planet? Or is it bound to the race you choose? What if you wanna join with friends? I'd give up on that if the chance of finding them was much smaller than the chance of winning a the lottery. ;p Sorry, I don't know much on this aspect of Starbound.
  5. After read for all the know info, this isn't yet Know. If it is random, there surely will be an option to server owners to set a fix spawn to everybody, because random would mean running a singleplayer game inside a Server, if 2 friends start playing at a same time and go to 2 different places, it would be not that fun. If you understand what I mean.

    Far I know, you start the game (story mode) in your race home-planet, the you run from it, your starbound adventure starts into your own ship. :)
    But still, even if people start all random there must be an EASY way to join friends in other planets, or start with them ;)
  6. Kombucha

    Kombucha Orbital Explorer

    I would like it to be EXACTLY the same as Terraria's server software. But it probably won't, so I'll hope for similar.

    Oh, and in before I see someone say hamachi - not needed AT ALL.
  7. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    I'd like to see huge servers as well, but as for home-worlds, you'de need to e able to lock them entirely, preventing anyone from moving blocks or accessing chests, etc, to prevent greifing.
  8. Hamachi is needed when you have dynamic IPs, or can't forward ports, it happens with every game of this kind sadly.
  9. SeparateElite

    SeparateElite Intergalactic Tourist

    Yes, indeed. I'm interested to see how all this is handled. If they could perfect huge servers while people being able to protect their stuff, it would be flawless. :)
  10. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    Well the Devs already said that you'll be able to control things like use of explosives and what not, this is really just an extension of that.
  11. ZephyrSpark

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    Quagmire approves. Giggidy!
  12. Oh Dear, don't tell anybody! :X
  13. ZephyrSpark

    ZephyrSpark Big Damn Hero

    That is when having static IP and a port forwarding router really comes in handy.
    There are a few tools that can handly dynamic Ip's too to circumvent hamachi too.

    I dont recall the external link rules, but there used to be one called Dynamic DNS which would offer a free service so you could have and it would automatically sync up with you as your IP changed.

    I have a static IP though, so Ill be hosting my own soon enough ;)
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  14. Bion

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    Not needed when you have a dynamic IP, port forward is something diffrent.

    What you can do when you have a dynamic IP is bassicly 2 things:

    1. Check your WAN IP every time you host a server and give the new IP to your friend. (Google myip)
    2. Or use a free service like NOIP.

    I used the second option wich allowed me to host servers with ease, basically you have a dynamic DNS wich checks your ip every time you turn your computer on.(software installation is needed)
    So you can have something like "Mystarboundserver" and send that to friends with the correct port number to let them connect.
  15. Cathriana

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    Dedicated servers confirmed. =D

    [09:03] <AscendantSB> Beta going to have dedicated server right?
    [09:03] <Cathriana> Awww.
    [09:03] <+OmnipotentEntity> working on my laptop
    [09:03] <Cathriana> Alrighty.
    [09:03] <+OmnipotentEntity> yes, it does have a dedi server
    [09:03] <Cathriana> Sweet, it's confirmed.
    [09:03] <Cathriana> =x
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