How Unique Are Worlds To Players?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Figures, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Figures

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    I'm looking into creating some new custom quests and starting off (and learning the quest system) by writing some gathering quests. I've got about 40-50 quests ready to test (and hopefully release this weekend) but they're currently all a bit the same.

    It's got me wondering about world generation. I presume the procedure that generates the world uses some seed based on the co-ordinates. But I'm wondering how identical worlds are. Do separate people, playing single player, visiting the same world, see the same landscape? Are there dungeons in identical places? Do identical chests drop identical items?

    For example, I'd like to do a quest where you go to planet X and search a dungeon or generated building for an item I know will be there for all.
  2. Throne

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    Just tested this, landscape is the same, dungeons seem to be in the same place, humanoid inhabitants and some mobs are the same, have found some new mobs in a new generation of the same coords.


    edit: humanoids are not identical for me
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  3. Figures

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    Thanks for this. I plan to do some tests of my own over the weekend
  4. Ploki122

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    The layout is the same, but chest contents and stuff like that is different.
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  5. Figures

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    Thanks Ploki!

    Hmm, I suppose every dungeon has some set dressing I can expect to appear. (eg. the map off the wall of airship, or a server in the steel pyramids). I could possibly use those. The good news is that I have custom quests working in game and already have written around 30 this afternoon.
  6. The game has a hardcoded seed in the Celestial.config file. If someone were to change these, the worlds will be different. Loot in chests works via loot tables which go through and pick a set based on the planet level, then make a set number of passes with a chance to spawn a given set of items. Structures have hardcoded entities, but the stats/items will always be different on each server due to the loot tables as described before.
  7. Figures

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    Thanks Skullz, this makes a lot of sense
  8. Might I ask how you managed to give the quest to the player? are you bouncing off of the
    "followup" flag or did you find a command to add them? Does adding a new array in the Quest file automatically give them?
  9. Figures

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    It's all baby steps at the moment. As I'm still finding my way with the system, for this first pass, I'm using the followup flag to create a more detailed tutorial to get an idea of object names, plus playing with physical directory structure. Next I want to play around with some conditional stuff to see if I can do branching quest lines and then see what I can find out from playing with that quest file.

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