How to use the hay and feed the hens

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    Hello everyone,
    I have a problem with the hay. I know that to feed my hens I am supposed to put hay inside the coop.
    I had a silo build and as I cut masses of grass it is now full of hay.
    However, this hay never appear in the backpack (how will I take it to the community center to fill the bundle?), and I have no idea how to transfer this hay from the silo to the coop.
    Is there a known bug about this? Please help!
    Thanks in advance
    • Hel

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      There's something inside the coop that you right click and it gives you the amount of hay needed to feed the coop every day.

      If you have 5 chickens, it will give you 5 pieces of hay, 4 chicks = 4 hay and so on.

      I'll load the game and show you a screenshot of what to right click.


      I'm standing infront of it where the hand icon is. Now feed those chicks. They gotta be hungry :O
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      • blummy65

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        Hi Hel,
        Thanks for your quick answer

        OK, I found the place where to right clic, and it took me a few minutes to understand how it works. The hay is transfered into the backpack and I then have to put it on the "feeder" on the right!
        A bit complicated, but as long as it works...
        Thank you so much once again. In fact, it should be my hens that should thank you as they will now make it through the winter. I believe I have to provide heat now.

        Vince from Paris, France

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        • Hel

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          Glad to help. Marnie will sell the heaters you need ^_^
          • meatpardle

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            Yeah it took me a while to figure it out.

            Any hay you generate on your farm automatically goes into the silo, any you buy or get as a gift from Marnie will go into your inventory and need to be placed into the silo.

            Click the dispenser to get hay and then place it into the feeder. I got so fed up with this that I fast-tracked the deluxe barn for the auto-feeder, then you just need to keep an eye on the hay levels in the silo.
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            • Caudyr

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              I honestly wish that you could easily remove X number from the silo itself, instead of having to go through the feeder.

              If you've already fed them, and the feeding tray is CAN'T remove hay from the bin to empty your silo (so you can cut grass for more, etc.)...I wish this was fixed. :zzz:

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