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    Yay, more tutorials! So in this thread I'm going to be discussing how you can successfully install mods on a server and how to tell if the people on the server need to install the same exact mods! I'm going to assume you know a lot so I apologize in advance for any missing details!

    I: Introduction

    If you have any experience with mods, you understand that installing them for local play is as simple as dropping them into the mods folder. Well surprise surprise, the server's work the same way! In short, single player is basically the server running without it allowing outside connections (other players). When a person connects to a server, a lot of files are shared. A lot of files, like pictures, are used from the client side or the person connecting. The rest are the server's files that are used in place of your local files. I won't be covering things already covered in existing tutorials like packing and unpacking .pak files, debugging broken mods, and other stuff compiled in a cool sticky so please look into stuff before asking questions.

    II: Server Mods, Client Mods, and YOU

    I like to distinguish mods as two separate categories, server mods which can run entirely server side, and client mods which need to be installed both server and client side. Now, you can easily distinguish whether something is a server or client mod based on a nice checklist I made below. This won't cover every single file, but it should get most of them! Remember though, experimentation is key. I usually went through 50 new characters while making and testing mods for my server so don't be afraid to play around with it!
    -It contains any type of picture
    -It makes changes to player.config or any default configs
    -It makes changes to any piece of armor
    -It adds whole new items to the game
    -Its a race mod
    -If it makes any major overhauls to combat, lighting, ect. (*NOTE* This doesn't always fit here,
    but I found more than often they need to be run server and client side)
    III: Implementation

    Yeah thats right, just 3 segments in and you're ready to install mods! The next part is the easy part!
    Step 1: Download the mod(s)
    Step 2: Put the .modpack(s) into the mods folder
    Step 3: Check if any mods are client mods and if they are...
    Step 4: Send all client mods to a zip folder for easy distribution!

    Now although its not needed, you could always test the mods at this point to make sure everything is in working order and there aren't any conflicts. Congrats, you got all the mods you wanted running the way you want!

    IV: Notes

    Always, ALWAYS make backups of everything! Any file you make changes to should have a back up, trust me, I've had to restore Starbound more times than I'd like to admit
    I tested server mods locally a weird way, but it worked. I made an exact copy of starbound in the common directory and used one for the client and one for the server. I modded the server starbound's files while leaving the client starbound's files unchanged to test if a mod was server or client. I suggest this to anyone weary of uploading to a dedicated server with a fear of it breaking the server.
    Compatibility of mods is a huge issue, before implementing 5+ mods, making sure they work together is key. Read the starbound log and try to fix any errors that pop up.
    This guide is (and always will be) incomplete because I can never know whether every file will be server or client side. Please tell me if you find anything to add to the list as it helps me and the community!​
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    You put effort into this, I thought at least someone would say thanks...

    So I do, THANKS!

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