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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Tctoocold, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Coryn02

    Coryn02 Zero Gravity Genie

    Um, answers to my question, anyone?
  2. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes, it is okay, yes you can post a picture, it doen't have to drop 8 different items these are merely suggestions

    PS your "question" links to spam
  3. Coryn02

    Coryn02 Zero Gravity Genie

    Hmm, sorry about that. I did put up the topic, though. Your guide helped a lot, although there are still things to be fleshed out.
  4. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes definately, i have been exceedingly busy, studying a cert 4 in computer programming/system maintainance, plus i haven't had the Internet for a long time (i'm at a friends house using it atm) when i official return I will remodel all of my suggestions and also have a new race nearing completeion
  5. FixelPixel

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    The game must be like Fallout! If you kill a friendly NPC, they must attack you, and stuff like that but if you do it secretly, they dont know that you killed the Npc or their animal and they musn't attack you. (Bad english, sorry if you ddidnt understood)
  6. Dead_lolz

    Dead_lolz Aquatic Astronaut

    races we choose to play will have some unique feature or is it just for apearence? sorry for bad english
  7. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Personally, I feel that the race suggestions guide needs expanding. In addition to what's already present in the guide, I personally believe that races should contain info about their society, culture, and social hierarchy, as well as a motive for playable members of the race wanting to leave their homeworld (whether it's to gain prestige, to escape persecution, or just for the thrill of adventure). While I believe that all of these points would help in formulating interspecies relationships with other races, I feel that the last point is especially important when it comes to whether or not people would want to play as a member of such a race, since I doubt that people would want to play as a member of a race that doesn't have much of an interest in warfare or exploration, unless there are those that think otherwise. Sadly, a motive for playable members leaving the homeworld seems lacking among the race suggestions.:(
  8. Wornstorm

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    How do I make and put a gif on my suggestion.
  9. Andrax314

    Andrax314 Void-Bound Voyager

    Please put in "Beliefs" and/or "Religion" into it. It would be cool if each race had beliefs of mythology and gods/goddesses. If that is added, I will definitely add Beliefs and/or Religion into my submission when I start to compose it.
  10. Desolator

    Desolator Pangalactic Porcupine

    am i able to download the sprites or something?
  11. Yottsu

    Yottsu Space Spelunker

    This is quite useful, thanks for sharing it! I will defiantly use this while I go through my own race creation.
  12. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Subatomic Cosmonaut

    will try to add all this in by tomorrow, i have updated the whole post but alas the spoilers are broken, the bottom ones are working

    to download the sprites, just right click them and go save as
  13. Witiko88

    Witiko88 Seal Broken

    Hm... once we finish writing our suggestion out where is it we should post them. And it there a limit to how long it can be, or just the more in depth the better?
    Thanks for the 'walkthrough' by the way, helped out a lot.:up:
  14. CalamityQuote

    CalamityQuote Phantasmal Quasar

    Go to the Starbound section on the Forum page. There should be a section called Suggestions. There are a bunch of subforums to choose from, so pick the one that matches your suggestion. Usually a suggestion should have a lot of depth and be well thought out. There isn't a limit on how long it can be. Being long is better than being short with a vague description. Hope this helps! :)
  15. Witiko88

    Witiko88 Seal Broken

    thank you. I am going to try to go into depth as much as i can, art hopefully included.
    Again thank you, by the way you responded so fast it was actually quiet shocking. i just got the game yesterday and both the game and the community are amazing as far as i can tell.
    Tip of the hat, thank you.
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  16. 1nloneli

    1nloneli Master Chief

    that log book thingy... is it in the game? :3 sorry new guy here
  17. RoboticRavenMage

    RoboticRavenMage Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Also include houses and other randomly generated structures. (Villages, castles, huts, giant statues to worship penguins, etc.)
  18. ItHasTeeth

    ItHasTeeth Space Hobo

    Is it necessary that artwork be done as sprites/pixel art? I have some mob ideas I'd love to throw out for criticism, but my skills with digital illustration are... well, lacking.
  19. Bruce Camp

    Bruce Camp Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey guy I have a boss request. DIO Brando from Jojo's bizarre adventure for furious koala. this boss will be the ultimate battle. whoever makes the boss mod a reality I will seriously upload a video of a DIO Starbound battle on YouTube to help make it more known.
    Reply if you have if it's ready. Oh by the way MUDA!
  20. Tctoocold

    Tctoocold Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Reformatted, OP. Spoilers were doing my head in

    Fixed a lot of spelling mistakes I somehow missed, if there's anything anyone wants me to add feel free to suggest it :)

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