Tutorial How to revisit Rampaging Koala World in Pleased Giraffe

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    So i lost one of my more advanced Builds on a World after the Game was updated to Giraffe.
    After a little break i experimented a bit and got the world to Work again!

    And the best thing: No search needed!
    The Things you need:

    1. Your Koala Worlfile
    2.The ability to copy and paste

    How to:

    Start the Game

    Find "any" Galaxy you like

    Choose "any" Planet you like and fly to it

    Beam down, dig a little and wait a few seconds

    Beam up to the ship

    Quit and Save (exit the Game)

    Go to your Starbound - Giraffe universe Folder
    (For Steam: Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\universe)

    Click on the "Date Modified" button right above the Files in the Explorer Window

    copy the Worldfile changed latest to the Desktop (should be the Planet you just visited)

    go to your old Koala World and rename it (just copy the Name of the File you placed on the the Desktop)

    now you copy the "renamed" Koala World and place it into your giraffe universe Folder

    Start the Game

    Beam down

    There you go :)

    I have tried older Worlds but those did not work...
    I keep trying.

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