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  1. Added to the OP in the "Adobe Photoshop" spoiler...I think. The formatting got a bit wierd, but it's hopefully okay now. Thanks for your contribution!
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    Hm, I don't they mentioned in this that when resizing a picture/object in photoshop or paint.net, always remember to change the setting to "Nearest Neighbour" When working with small pixels such as sprites... Not many threads mention this, I think... :rofl:.
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  4. That site's been in the OP since December of last year. :rofl:
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    That so...I don't see it
  6. Capture.PNG
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    Nope I still don't see it.....:p
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    rsz_12013-12-21_00001.png Thanks now i can use this picture..IF I COULD.
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  9. If you're referring to the avatar glitch, use the Gravatar option; avatars have been broken for a while, unfortunately.
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    I just wanted to add my 5 cents for Paint.Net. Been using it for a long while, and I figured I can't use it without my favourite plugin pack, which I found along with some cool tutorials on youtube. This is not my channel, I'm just linking it for anyone looking for some video tutorials + a very nice and feature complete plugin pack: Its on the Kaunas163 youtube page - links are in the about page: https://www.youtube.com/user/kaunas163/about
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    i resize images with the help of free online tools.

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