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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by WoxandWarf, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Ahahahahaha, silly Paint.
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  2. Guppy The Cat

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    I am the only one who really like MSPaint for one reason.


    I really love it.
  3. But, but, but, every other program can do those things better.
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  4. Shooting Star

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    but ms paint is bad at everything ._.
    sure it's simple but you can't draw for shit in that program
    and you're really limited with tools like no pen or airbrush ;_;
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  5. Zailiner

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  6. johndoee

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    good image programme . you can resize image quickly, including jpg, png or gif pictures, Digital Photos and other image formats
  7. KruczekIIV

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    IrfanView (used to be called The Red Cat when I was a kid, yeah, it doesn't look like a cat at all):
    Image -> Resize/Resample (Ctrl+R):
    ->Check is a "Preserve aspect ratio (proportional) marked
    ->Optionally use "Apply sharpen after Resample" if you want better quality
    ->Set new size (write number of pixels by yourself)
    ->Set new size as precentage of original
    Finally: File -> Save as (S) -> Pick a new image format you want.
  8. Torrle

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    Thanks for putting all of these together!

    If I may, I'd like to provide my studio's photoshop method for resizing images that we've found to work the best. May be really late in coming, but who knows, maybe there'll be another contest. >.>

    For reduction of general images (photos, drawings, etc):
    Prep) For full-frame images without any transparency, flatten image first (>Layer>Flatten Image) or you will get transparency fringing on the edges.
    1) > Image > Image Resize
    Make sure that Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are checked. Bicubic (the default) is preferred.
    Enter desired size (Not less than 1/3; see note).
    2) > Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask
    Amount: 20%, Radius: 1.0pixels, Threshold: 0
    This crisps up edges some while leaving gradients smooth.
    Apply to taste. Most images only need this once, but if your image still looks a little blurry, just hit CTRL+F/Cmd+F to apply it again.

    Note: Don't reduce to sizes smaller than 1/3 the original in one go. If you need smaller, do it in stages; repeating all steps (reduce, sharpen, reduce, sharpen, etc.)

    For Pixel art:
    1) > Image > Image Resize
    Make sure the Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are checked. Be sure that "Nearest Neighbor" is selected.
    New dimensions really depend on what you're sizing.
    - Generally, if enlarging, use exact multiples of 100% to preserve the appearance.
    - If you're reducing something that's made of 2x2 pixels to 1x1 (ei: Like Terraria assets), use 50% (and be sure to frame your image to be "on grid" first).
    - Use exact figures if you can (eg: if reducing an 810x810 image to 1/3, don't use 33.33%, use 270 pixels.)
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  9. Knightatronicle

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    Hm, I don't they mentioned in this that when resizing a picture/object in photoshop or paint.net, always remember to change the setting to "Nearest Neighbour" When working with small pixels such as sprites... Not many threads mention this, I think... :rofl:.
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  11. Ctc9592

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    That so...I don't see it
  12. Ctc9592

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    Nope I still don't see it.....:p
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    rsz_12013-12-21_00001.png Thanks now i can use this picture..IF I COULD.
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  14. teihoo

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    I just wanted to add my 5 cents for Paint.Net. Been using it for a long while, and I figured I can't use it without my favourite plugin pack, which I found along with some cool tutorials on youtube. This is not my channel, I'm just linking it for anyone looking for some video tutorials + a very nice and feature complete plugin pack: Its on the Kaunas163 youtube page - links are in the about page: https://www.youtube.com/user/kaunas163/about
  15. fizaurik

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    i resize images with the help of free online tools.

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