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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by tifel100, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    You'll notice that in this new version of Starbound, you will have a premade /mods folder in the same place as your /assets. This is where you will be putting every mod you install.

    Let's Say my mod is called Mod_Offended. So I make a folder in /mods called Mod_Offended and in this folder, you just put everything you modified or added. Like so:
    In your mod folder, you also need to put a .modinfo file, as seen above, mine being Mod_Offended.modinfo
    It's contents being somewhere like this(but ofcourse changing mod_Offended to your modname):
    If the version doesn't match the current game version, the game will give an error saying that it's outdated so make you write it correctly.
    If you're wondering what "dependencies" means, It's if your mod requires another mod to run.
    For example, if you're making a new species mod, but you want to use kawa's 26 slots template, then you put kawa's mod in the dependencies.

    This new mod system will also override player.config so you no longer need to worry bout editing bootstrap and such to add recipes.
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  2. nathan00107

    nathan00107 Zero Gravity Genie

    Do we still need to edit the bootstrap file?
  3. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    Nope. If you check the bootstrap file, The devs added a way for the game to read mods.
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  4. vernadead

    vernadead Big Damn Hero

    If I understand correctly the new recipes need to be added in a second player.config?
  5. Spacerogue

    Spacerogue Void-Bound Voyager

    oo OOOO ok I think I get it, so I need to make the file and not add lines in the Bootstrap, not bad ,not bad at all C:
  6. Rurik

    Rurik Lucky Number 13

    I'm wondering the same thing.

    Guess in the meantime, I'll have to test it out myself.
  7. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    Nay, Tifel has apparently misunderstood some information somewhere.

    Player.config doesn't merge and your mod MUST over-write it to change it. That means you have to copy the default one into your mod folder and then ADD to the file, never delete anything that you want to player to be able to make.
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  8. Rurik

    Rurik Lucky Number 13

    Thank you for saving me the trial and error!

    How does the game determine which player.config to use? If I have two mods and they both add new recipes, which one will be active and add the new recipes and which one will sit it out?
  9. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm not actually sure...
    The old Bootstrap way used to use the last item on the list as the most important and any files it has will overwrite whatever's above it.
    Bartwe hasn't mentioned anything about the new system. D:
  10. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    I never said anything about removing the default recipes in this thread..

    But does this mean that only the player.config from the last mod will be read?
  11. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    This is possible, the old Bootstrap used to use the last item as I said, but I'm not sure about the mods folder.
  12. Spacerogue

    Spacerogue Void-Bound Voyager

    hm, I'm getting stuck in the load screen in singleplayer , this is what a server tells me ,but I'm pretty lost


    the .modinfo looks like this btw ; draconis.modinfo

    "name" : "draconis",
    "version" : "Beta v. Offended Koala",
    "path" : ".",
    "dependencies" : [ ]
  13. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    That appears to be an error to do with a variable called "Kind" somewhere in the mod's race files.
    I'll take a quick look if you like.
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  14. Leosky

    Leosky Void-Bound Voyager

    Default behavior of the game is to read each player.config in the order he catch them, so if your mods.player config only alter recipes it 'should' be okay.
    But it will be weird with other changes.

    For the other files. It read only the last he found, ha it have to be complete, so you cant buff your pickaxe power just by adding a "diamondpickaxe.miningtool" in your mod

      "itemName" : "diamondpickaxe",
      "tileDamage" : 3.5,
    you have to give it he whole file

      "itemName" : "diamondpickaxe",
      "inventoryIcon" : "diamondpickaxeicon.png",
      "dropCollision" : [-4.0, -3.0, 4.0, 3.0],
      "maxStack" : 1,
      "rarity" : "common",
      "inspectionKind" : "tool",
      "description" : "Pickaxes are so last millennium! This one is made of diamond.",
      "shortdescription" : "Diamond Pickaxe",
      "largeImage" : "diamondpickaxebig.png",
      "image" : "diamondpickaxe.png",
      "handPosition" : [-3, -4],
      "fireTime" : 0.3,
      "swingStart" : -40,
      "swingFinish" : 60,
      "blockRadius" : 3,
      "altBlockRadius" : 1,
      "twoHanded" : true,
      "strikeSound" : "/sfx/tools/pickaxe_hit.wav",
      "durability" : 7500,
      "durabilityPerUse" : 1,
      "durabilityRegenChart" : [
        [ [ "copperore" ], 750], [ [ "silverore" ], 1125], [ [ "goldore" ], 1500], [ [ "platinumore" ], 1875], [ [ "diamond" ], 2250]
      "tileDamage" : 3.5,
      "tileDamageBlunted" : 0.6
  15. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    Did it work before the update?
    If not, then go to starbound.txt(the log) and check where the error is, it should tell you the file, then put the code of that file here.
  16. robflop

    robflop Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So If for example I used the Kangaru Species and the felines, do both race configs merge? (player.config, universe_server.config, quests/quest.config, codex/codex.config etc.) or will just one be active?
    And what about other mods like for example Animal Armors and the TLoZ mod. Will all recipes of both mods be added into player.config or just one?
  17. Black--snow

    Black--snow Cosmic Narwhal

    You'll have to manually merge most of the files I believe. Not sure. :p
  18. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    I found out that if you don't add the species to the player.config, in the previous update at least, it doesn't effect anything.
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  19. CJacobs

    CJacobs Void-Bound Voyager


    Can't quite figure out why this isn't working now. When I had it directly installed into the folders, the sprites appeared and were correct. The whole rest of the mod works, save for the sprites for the items. Where have I gone wrong?

    For what it's worth, here is the contents of my modinfo file:

    And a shot of my mod's folder, whose file structure mimics the game's:

  20. tifel100

    tifel100 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hmm, did you add the images in the same place as the items?
    If you did, then try breaking the anvil and putting it back again.
    If that doesn't work, try making a new character.

    The problem might just be that since you moved the folders into /mods, the recipes that you're seeing are the old ones.
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