How to make your own items?

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    How do I make my own Starbound items?
    And where in the game's files are they stored?
    I want to learn some basic programming so this might be a fun place to start!
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    You would be better off asking this in the Forum Starbound Modding as that is where the knowledge is :)
    I would particularly draw your attention to the pinned Notice on there headed MODDING GUIDES which contains a lot of links to useful information.

    Starbound is actually one of the easiest games to mod, since it was designed that way, and very little programming is required for things like making your own items, until you get into advanced modding that requires LUA programming. However even simple modding does teach some useful programming principles, such as the use of particular language, syntax and formatting.

    There is an e-book somewhere in the mod list that explains a lot of how Starbound works and there should be a link to that in the modding guide forum.

    If you want to move your question to that forum, it is best to use the report function to report your own post and ask a moderator to move it for you. (Nobody likes questions being asked in multiple locations.)
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