How to make your own crafting table(OUTDATED)

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Ghoul159, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Ghoul159

    Ghoul159 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    My other tutorials:

    Tutorial 1: How to make your own tool

    Tutorial 3: How to make your own Gun

    Tutorial 4: How to make your own Armor

    Tutorial 5: How to use "Ghouls Modmaker"

    Tutorial 2: How to create your own Crafting Table:

    As always and to keep your overview create a folder for your mod in "Starbound\mods":
    in there we create the subfolders "objects" and "recipes" and in the "objects" folder we create a "mynewcraftingtable" folder just to keep everything clean and organized...

    now we create the "MyNewCraftingTableMod.modinfo" file in our new "MyNewCraftingTableMod" folder (if you want to create such a file just use the text editor and save it as "MyNewCraftingTableMod.modinfo"...)
    write the following in it:
    "name" : "MyNewCraftingTableMod", (this is the name of our mod and modfolder)
    "version" : "Beta v. Angry Koala", (this has to be the current starbound version)
    "path" : ".", (this is for subpaths you could make)
    "dependencies" : [] (here you can declare what mod is needed for the mod)

    To keep it simple we copy the files from one of the existing crafting tables("\Starbound\assets\objects\generic\woodencraftingtable1") to our new mod folder ("MyNewCraftingTableMod\objects\mynewcraftingtable\") and rename them

    woodencraftingtable1icon.png -> mynewcraftingtableicon.png
    woodencraftingtable1.png -> mynewcraftingtable.png
    woodencraftingtable1.frames -> mynewcraftingtable.frames
    woodencraftingtable1.object -> mynewcraftingtable.object

    furthermore copy("\Starbound\assets\recipes\starter\plain\woodencraftingtable1.recipe") to your mod folder ("MyNewCraftingTableMod\recipes\") and rename it
    to "mynewcraftingtable.recipe" for our recipe to create the new crafting table

    now edit "mynewcraftingtable.recipe"
    "input" : [
    { "item" : (this is what we need to craft our object look in other recipes for other itemnames/id's )"darkwoodmaterial", "count" : 35 }
    "output" : {
    "item" : (this is the item we get from our recipe)"mynewcraftingtable",
    "count" : 1
    "groups" : (these are again the category and "plain" means craftable without any crating table)[ "plain", "objects", "all", "tools" ]

    edit the "mynewcraftingtableicon.png" to whatever icon you want to have

    now look at the "mynewcraftingtable.png" you'll see different color variations. Change it to whatever you want (you can draw even only one colored table if you want) but keep in mind that you have to keep the same size for every different color and you should remember this size for the next step ;)

    edit the mynewcraftingtable.frames:
    "frameGrid" : { (means the overall picture grid)
    "size" : (this is the size of one of your tables(if you have different colored ones) or if you just have one table in your picture the complete size)[32, 16],
    "dimensions" : (these are the number of different pictures you have for example 1 in the x/wide direction and 9 different colored ones in the y/height direction) [1, 9],
    "names" : (these are the color names used if you color your table with ink) [...

    if you just want one color keep only default within the names tab and change the dimension to 1,1

    now we edit the mynewcraftingtable.object:

    "objectName" : (of course the name)"mynewcraftingtable",
    "rarity" : (the rarity of the table which influents the color of the icon)"Common",
    "objectType" : (important that interaction is even possible)"interactable",
    "interactAction" : (what interaction should be executed)"OpenCraftingInterface",
    "interactData" : {
    "config" : (this is the complete layout of the crafting table. you could change it too if you just copy the craftingtable.config in your mod folder and change the things you like)"/interface/windowconfig/craftingtable.config",
    "filter" : (what is possible for your crafting table to craft for example it can craft "plain" items [which can always be crafted] and in our case "MyNewCraftingTable" items [which can only be crafted at this crafting table. an item recipe example follows in a later step] ) [ "craftingtable", "plain" ,"mynewcraftingtable"]
    "printable" : (if your object can be 3d printed)false,
    "description" : (the description)"An expert craftsman could make a great... MyNewCraftingTable :) ... on this.",
    "shortdescription" : (the shorter description) "My New Craftingtable",
    "race" : (from which race does this come from)"generic",
    "category" : (the category should be crafting :) )"crafting",
    "price" : (the price) "200",

    (these are different descriptions for the magnifier)
    "apexDescription" : "A table with a bunch of tools for a craftsman.",
    "avianDescription" : "A chance to display one's ability to create.",
    "floranDescription" : "Floran ussse table. Make nice thingss.",
    "glitchDescription" : "Inspired. Crafting module activated.",
    "humanDescription" : "I can use materials I've found here to create new things.",
    "hylotlDescription" : "A chance to create.",

    "inventoryIcon" : (the new icon for the table)"mynewcraftingtableicon.png",
    "orientations" : [
    "dualImage" : (our new image for the table)"mynewcraftingtable.png:<color>",

    (this is for animations you can look at an example at the "Starbound\assets\objects\generic\roboticcraftingtable\roboticcraftingtable.object")
    "imagePosition" : [-16, 0],
    "frames" : 1,
    "animationCycle" : 1.0,

    "spaceScan" : (i'm not 100% shure but maybe the collision)0.1,
    "anchors" : (the pivot point of the object)[ "bottom" ],
    "collision" : (this means you can stand on the table)"platform"

    from the last tutorial MOD-TUTORIAL 1 i'll take the mynewtool.recipe to show you what you have to setup on your item to make it only craftable with this specific table

    if we edit the MyNewTool.recipe we see

    now we change "craftingtable" to "mynewcraftingtable" and now this new item can only be crafted with our new crafting table.
    this is how you add items in your crafting table filter... (if you want to have the recipe in both crafting tables just add "mynewcraftingtable" )

    2.8(Same as in tutorial 1)
    No we create a merge file for our player.config so that we don't have to edit the original:
    Create a new "player.config" file in your MyNewTool folder...

    So edit the new player.config and write the following in it:
    now our recipe is already learned with tier1... if you add more items don't foreget the , like this:
    { "item" : "mynewcraftingtable" },
    { "item" : "redpickaxe" }

    Lets try our new crafting table(i added just some black pixels and saturation to make this quick :) )

    this is how our modfolder looks like:

    i changed the textures of the example file for copyright reasons...

    Sorry for the typos and if you have problems or if i made a mistake post it ;).
    I used notepad++ to view and edit the text files but you can of course edit them with any other text editor.

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  2. Flame080

    Flame080 Red Gang

    sounds cool:virorb:
  3. Vectruz

    Vectruz Star Wrangler

    nice... i love this game, but have things really without sense, now i can edit it, and it is more easy than others game o/ xD
  4. Flame080

    Flame080 Red Gang

    oh yeah a reply!:V
  5. Syviery

    Syviery Starship Captain

    I changed the name in the MyNewGun.recipe so it could only be crafted with my crafting table but it just doesn't appear now....?
  6. Ghoul159

    Ghoul159 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Do you put this in the mods folder or assets?
  7. Syviery

    Syviery Starship Captain

    I put it in the assets folder.
  8. Ghoul159

    Ghoul159 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    then you have to add it to the player.config...

    but i'll update this tutorial with the new better method.... without the need to add someting to the player.config
  9. Syviery

    Syviery Starship Captain

    You probably misunderstood what I said, I meant to say that I had made a custom crafting table and it wasn't appearing in it when I followed your guide for making it appear only in the custom crafting table.
  10. PirateFromVoid

    PirateFromVoid Orbital Explorer

    I found that many objects have different color variations, what i must write in dropship.structure to choose color?
  11. Miyoumu

    Miyoumu Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello, I'm having this error while trying to make one of my own. Any ideas? If you need any other information about my mod I won't mind taking time to give you as much information as possible. Thank you in advance if you can help.

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  12. slain34

    slain34 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I was already working on adding my own crafting table when I found this thread, and just as a suggestion, instead of editing the player.config, or <race>.species, you can edit items/materials/dirt.matitem to have something like
    "learnBlueprintsOnPickup" : [
  13. SpawnCircle

    SpawnCircle Space Hobo

    This is pretty good, since they don't have to change it, but it will still conflict with other mods if they all do that... maybe give the blueprint in the storage thingy in the spaceship where you get the Matter Manipulator, or would that also be overwritten? Modpacks seem to be something important to do, so it'll fix things like that (like FTB Launcher for Minecraft, if you know what it is, is done with configs that make every mod work with eachother, except this is harder)
    EDIT: I'm not sure, but the Announcement about the "_merge" thing seems to be for this like this. Hopefully this way player configs edited by mods are all merged.. if I understood it correctly :p
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2013
  14. Ghoul159

    Ghoul159 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yes they should be merged...
  15. SpawnCircle

    SpawnCircle Space Hobo

    You should add that in into your threads, they're great, that's a major flaw at the moment, merging is really good.
  16. Wimmy

    Wimmy Starship Captain

    Haha Lol, Help! I Edited a gun mod, changed their apearance in Windows Paint and now the background is white, not transparent, I Also tried to make a crafting table to create guns, but i removed it, then the actual Wooden Crafting Table was took over by the model i created for the Gun crafting one! I Dont know what to do!

    EDIT: The guns background, its got the arm, then a large white rectangle with the gun on it,
  17. Wimmy

    Wimmy Starship Captain

    Oh i can just delete the picture and then verify steam cache! I Editted the picture of the woodencrafting table instead of MyNewCraftingTable, heh heh... heh...
    Ghoul159 likes this.
  18. Popernickel

    Popernickel Orbital Explorer

    Hay, I was just wondering if you could create a tutorial on tiles like ores to get them to spawn. I was planning to make a new mod for like five new ores but i cant find a way to get them to generate?
  19. arealfox

    arealfox Space Spelunker

    Hey! Great tutorial! But, when I make the crafting table, then try to make a pickaxe, the pickaxe wont show up in game at all. Can Starbound only support one mod? :3
    Please help
  20. Ghoul159

    Ghoul159 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    maybe someday but i'm currently really busy :(

    no starbound can support many mods... hmm i'll update these tutorials today maybe that'll help you...
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