How to make hair and clothing?

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    I'm new to Stardew Valley modding but I really would like to start as I have ideas I want. The thing is, I look for tutorials but I'm overwhelmed by the information on them and what ones are actually for making hair and clothing. Any help would be appreciated! Maybe link me the good tutorials for beginners?
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      I'm not familiar with any tutorials for that, but if you install SMAPI and the Content Patcher mod, you can use content packs that edit Stardew's files and replace things like hair and shirts. It's probably the easiest way to add that kind of content, especially without much coding.

      I went ahead and set up an example content pack that should handle what you want to do, attached to this post.

      If you unzip the folder and put it inside the Stardew Valley/Mods folder, Content Patcher will replace the game's existing hairstyles and shirts with the ones in the hairstyles.png and shirts.png images. Right now the images are just copied from the game itself, but you can edit the existing hair/shirts or make the images bigger (vertically, at the bottom) to add more.

      Here are a couple images to clarify some of the editing details:

      If you add a new row of hair/shirts to the image, Stardew will include that whole row in the character creation menu. (Accessories and pants don't work the same way, though, so I can't help much with those.)

      Once you're done editing, if you want to share the content pack with other people, you should probably rename the mod's folder and edit the manifest.json text file -- mostly to include your name and the mod's name in a few places. It's a bit harder for me to explain that part, but this wiki page describes how manifest files work in detail, if you're interested. Content Patcher's documentation page covers all the other things you can do with content packs, mostly by adding stuff to the content.json file.

      ...So yeah, that might still be a bit much, but I hope some of it helps. You might also want to join the Stardew Valley Discord server if you need quicker help with things. Some modders are usually around to answer questions in the #modding and #support channels, along with plenty of other folks.

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      • Dziva

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        Thank you. It is still quite a bit to take in but I believe I understand what is going on. I will definitely join the discord server and seek help there. That and the content pack are super valuable! Thanks so much :D
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          I've done a bit of modding for hair/clothing/etc. so I can help you out depending on what you want to do. Just send me a PM if you're interested, or you can find me on the discord and PM me there

          There's not really a good way to make a template for shirts, but here's some I made for hair, accessories, and hats that might help. For shirts I've attached an old shirt mod I made. Basically you have to make the shirts in a line one after another. So copying a previous shirt and making your design over the top of it is a good way to learn what works and what doesn't. Sleeve colors are wonky in this game, so if you have trouble let me know (I still am trying to figure it out and need to fix a lot of mine).

          When it comes to other clothing, like accessories, hats, bottoms, different sleeve types, shoes, etc., they are little more complicated but I can try to help you out if you're interested

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          • Dziva

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            These should help out quite a bit! Sorry, wasn't online during the holidays or I would have responded sooner. Thank you so much for the templates and the help if I need it. It is much appreciated!
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              Hi.. I would want to make a mod for hair, so Do I just open that hairstyle template on the illustrator then save as is?
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                Hi there. Please check out this thread for modding things. You likely won't get much help here as most have moved on.

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