Modding Help How to make and read behaviors of the boss?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by tobynet, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. tobynet

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    Due to making a own boss, I'm trying to read unpacked assets, like /behaviors/monsters/boss/*/*.behavior.
    But, I stumble at reading JSON(*.behavior) of included Behavior Tree.

    I think reading (and making) the nested tree structure in JSON is too difficult for a human being.

    Don't you know the helper tool of editing Behavior Tree in Starbound?

  2. IHart

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    The only thing i can think of is a program akin to notepad ++, this will make the structure easier to read.
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  3. tobynet

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    I appreciate your replying!

    I already use Visual Studio Code, like notepad++, to read/write some JSON files.
    But I think it makes painful user experience :rip: .

    I guess Starbond's developers have a in-house tools with defining Behavior Tree,
    or use third party tools like a Tiled. ;)
    I want to know the best practices for such a thing.

    In fact `*.animation` files are hard to read too :rofl:.
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