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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by NexusTheBrony, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. NexusTheBrony

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    Hi, I have a pet poptop in my ship and it never finishes its whistling because its Ai sends it back to the pet tether. I'm wanting to increase the pet tether range so the poptop can finish its whistling at least once. Is there a mod for this, and if not, how would I?
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  2. Ickura

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    I believe that the tether isn't the problem but actually the pets initial roaming distance.
    I am still finding the code for this and possibly make a mod to adjust the roaming distance since there isn't one yet sadly.
    However it might make the pets less likely to follow you from a short distance if you extend their range.

    Btw I am not trying to necro-whatever this post so don't kill me.
  3. NexusTheBrony

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    perfectly fine. ur being productive to the thread and that's all u need to do to not necro
  4. Ickura

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    Well I give up :(
    I dug everywhere in the files and for some reason I still can't find where the pathing system for captured pets are.
    I'm pretty much an amateur when it comes to LUA so I hope someone smarter than me can come along and help.
  5. projectmayhem

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    This is in the poptop.monstertype file

     "wanderActions" : [
              "name" : "wander-walk",
              "cooldown" : 3.0,
              "parameters" : {
                "moveState" : "stroll",
                "wanderTime" : [5, 20]
              "name" : "wander-walk",
              "cooldown" : 6.0,
              "parameters" : {
                "moveState" : "walk",
                "wanderTime" : [5, 5]
    Is this what you are looking for? I think you would just need to patch the wanderTime in each. First number I would assume is minimum time and second would be maximum.

    Went ahead and looked in animation file for you. The top one with moveState "stroll" is the one you want. This is in the animation file

     "stroll" : {
                "frames" : 8,
                "cycle" : 0.8,
                "mode" : "loop",
                "properties" : {
                  "particleEmittersOn" : [ "music" ],
                  "persistentSound" : "/sfx/npc/monsters/poptop_sing_loop.ogg",
                  "persistentSoundStopTime" : 0.5


    Looked in SFX folder, the song is exactly 20 seconds long. So you would need to patch the file to say 20,20 if you want it to finish its song everytime.
  6. NightmareDL

    NightmareDL Star Wrangler

    I hope a mod for this is released , it is incredible how stupid whoever designed this is , didn't even test the poptop , instead of having a good song it makes it very annoying
    The range of the tethers should be able to be adjusted or by default not have potato range

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