Modding Help How to get a hat to render behind the body/arms?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Heartstrings, May 16, 2017.

  1. Heartstrings

    Heartstrings Giant Laser Beams

    I'm making a couple of hats that resemble hair. They need to be long (halfway down the back or to the waist), and they need to effectively layer as hair does. Currently though, hats render in front of armor and the body, so I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

    Is this possible to do?
  2. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Space Kumquat

    I'm going to throw my uneducated guess-based-on-experience here, and say that certain layers of clothing/armor are inherently hard-coded unless you could possibly edit the layer ordering with scripts.

    I'm however more than sure that head-related items are already placed between the arms and in front of the head, while chest-related armor sit on top of both head and leg layers, so there's that at the very least.
  3. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    I don't know armor too well.

    "zLevel" or "renderLayer" maybe?

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see those do nothing given how hard-coded those are. I'd attribute the armor system to being one of the first systems in - and the devs not seeing a pressing need to change what's working - compared to newer systems which where developed after a lot more experience/thought/etc. The newer systems in many cases did replace older systems as the devs thought about more things they wanted to do, they had to improve/replace those systems. But not so on the armor front.

  4. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    From what I've been told, you can do pretty much anything, but it might require you to make use of a custom status effect and a lua script, which might be more work than you're willing to do.
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  5. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Far as I know, you cant change the layer of armors. Best you can do is mimic it by using "lower" layer slots.

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