Modding Help How to fix mods broken in Stardew Valley 1.2

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Apr 12, 2017.

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      Hi, quickly scanned the thread but didn't see it already posted. Advizes' Dirt Removal is giving me a deprecated code warning. So far it's giving me giving me no probs in game even though it seems to be throwing out a lot of errors.

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        Stardew Notification used PlayerEvents.LoadedGame, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.6 (
        A Tappers Dream - A Tree Overhaul used TimeEvents.DayOfMonthChanged, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.14 (
        Sprinkles used TimeEvents.DayOfMonthChanged, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.14 ( version 1.0, I don't want the other changes the mod has)
        UI Info Suite used TimeEvents.DayOfMonthChanged, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.14 (
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          @Zenivo Depreciation warnings are just warnings. They should still work if there are no actual errors (defined by red text). These mods will break in the 2.0 update of SMAPI though, so you'll need to download the updated versions when they release.
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            TractorMod crashes on Stardew Valley 1.2.33 on Mac OS X 10.10.5. I hit the toggle key N and it just loops with no option to quit the dialog to access the catalogue or exit the dialog.

            Seems to be fine on Stardew Valley 1.2.33 on Windows 10 though.
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              Stardew Notification doesn't work anymore after the first day you play.
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                I have Win10 and I have the same problem. :( I try to chance the key to T (config), but with "T" I have same problem as before.
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                  @Zenivo You'll want to watch this thread and check this list occasionally for any mods you have that will break in the future SMAPI 2.0 update. Stardew Notification has an unofficial update there until an official version is released.
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                    I have successfully downloaded SMAPI and the unofficial update to Prairie King Made Easy--all of which works. My issue I'm having is that even with finishing JotPK without dying using the mod, I'm not receiving Fector's Challenge achievement through Steam. I have already changed the location Steam boots the game from to the SMAPI .exe and have checked that I can use the Steam overlay while in-game. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong in order to get the achievement?
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                      Thanks! I've updated most of my mods.
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                        I can't seem to find an answer to this. Whenever I put the SpousesRoomMod by Watagatapitusberry in my mods folder and load my save file SMAPI spams the following messages.

                        [21:34:28 ERROR SMAPI] A mod failed handling the GameEvents.UpdateTick event:
                        System.MissingFieldException: Field not found: 'StardewValley.Game1.content'.
                        at SpousesRoomMod.SpousesRoomMod.LoadSpouseRoom()
                        at SpousesRoomMod.SpousesRoomMod.Events_UpdateTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
                        at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.InternalExtensions.SafelyRaisePlainEvent(IMonitor monitor, String name, IEnumerable`1 handlers, Object sender, EventArgs args) in D:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\StardewModdingAPI\Framework\InternalExtensions.cs:line 40

                        It doesn't crash the game and it seems like the creator of the mod hasn't been keeping it up to date.
                        Is there a way to fix this or are there any replacement mods?

                        I also get a few other strange messages in the error log, but there is too much to paste here. I'll upload a copy of my error log so that you can give me more info on how to fix the other errors.
                        Please have a look at the log and get back to me as soon as you can.

                        If any of this has been posted elsewhere, I'm sorry, I most have missed it. If so, can you Please give me a link?
                        Thanks for any help that you can give me.

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                        • petitepriere

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                          Hey all,

                          This is my first time using Stardew Valley mods, and the ones I tried show the error message "skipped this mod because it doesn't have a manifest"...

                          It seems the creator doesn't have any plans to update them. I would try to fix it myself but I'm no good with tech stuff T_T;;

                          I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out with this. Thanks! :kitten2:

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                          • SpringsSong

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                            The above mods are XNB mods, not SMAPI mods. You need to unzip the contents of them and replace the respective files in "Stardew Valley\Content" with those (Portraits for the MCMC Portraits, Buildings for the Green with brown doors one [which is one I've used in the past and the creator's work is A+])
                            • petitepriere

                              petitepriere Intergalactic Tourist

                              It works!!! Thanks so much!!! For the portraits though I can't seem to change it into an .xmb file, do you know how I could do that??
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                                I don't know what else to do.. it was working fine before and now i can't do anything with it..
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                                  Thank you very much. Thanks to you, we are playing more happily!
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