Modding Help How to fix mods broken in Stardew Valley 1.2

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. demonhunter352

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    Looking at the log, I'm not seeing the base Skill Prestige mod. The cooking adaptor is designed (to the best of my knowledge, I'm a user, not a modder) to enable skill prestige to work with the cooking skill mod. Also, when you have both skill prestige and skill prestige cooking adaptor, make sure the adaptor is further down the mod list alphabetically, or it won't work (skill prestige needs to load first)
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      OH im dumb I forgot to put in skill prestige mod thanks !!!
      • starDotheDew

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        it works! Sorry about that. i changed the iterations to the same number and i can now see a viable (did i use that word correctly? Idk. too lazy to figure it out lol) difference. As for the fishing mod, i didn't install it yet because i figured it needed to be updated so i was searching for it in the front page. If it works as is though i will try it out later tonight. Thanks again for all you do! <3 We def appreciate it. =D
        • Pathoschild

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          Thanks! I added your update to the list.
          • RAINBIRD55

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            Thank you Pathos child! You saved my farming life with this info! Old SMAPI wouldn't load the game, and after updating to newest SMAPI I found the three mods that broke are all fixable, all thanks to you! ❤ .
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            • Pathoschild

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              I added an unofficial update for Sprint and Dash Redux, and sent the updated source code to the author. :)
              • Pathoschild

                Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                I just fixed that in JunimoDepositAnywhere 1.7.1. :)
                • Pathoschild

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                  • mmanlapat

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                    Junimo deposit crashes my game after completed a bundle and sleep. crash on sleep
                    • littleraskol

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                      So, ran into some trouble updating my Sprint and Dash Mod Redux to the latest SMAPI version using the converted mod files you created. For some reason, it's giving me an error on any reference to "TemporaryAnimatedSprite" saying that I need to add a reference to "Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics"

                      However, when I add a "using" statement to the top for that it's marked in gray as unneeded, but also doesn't make the error go away. Huh?

                      I installed the latest version of SMAPI but I am not sure if some other step is needed to make Visual Studio recognize it.
                      • Oxyligen

                        Oxyligen Tentacle Wrangler

                        Do you use ModBuildConfig?

                        Otherwise you probably need to add/renew your Reference.
                        • Pathoschild

                          Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                          Per the mod description: "WARNING: completing a bundle outside the community center will invariably crash your game. Only complete the bundle from the Community Center." :)
                          • Pathoschild

                            Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                            Visual Studio can be a bit buggy with freshly restored NuGet packages. Try this:
                            1. Make sure the NuGet package was restored. (Go to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution; if a yellow warning banner appears saying some packages are missing, follow the instructions to restore them.)
                            2. Rebuild the project (Build > Rebuild Solution).
                            3. Close & reopen the project.
                            If that doesn't work, I attached a copy with the NuGet package already present.

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                            • littleraskol

                              littleraskol Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              It doesn't show any (and says there are no) NuGet packages for the solution... so I guess I'll just use the one you posted, lol. Thanks!
                              • Raum215

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                                this is great! Are there any moods that lengthen the day working?
                                • Luciferish

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                                  Ty ty ty <3
                                  • FieryChaos

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                                    Timespeed may be what you're looking for.
                                    • Minakie

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                                      Is there any way to make a version of the Birthday Mail that is compatible with the Happy Birthday mod?
                                      • Acerbicon

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                                        I think you'd just have to merge the mail file Birthday Mail hands out with the Happy Birthday's mail file. At least, that's my experience when making mods compatible with one another.

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