Tutorial How To Duplicate Existing Characters

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Wulf_Oman, May 12, 2015.

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    In reply to this reddit thread - posted here for others if they need it

    The link below is an album that guides you through all the steps for duplicating an existing character:

    Tutorial in text form:

    1. Identify which character you want to copy
    2. Create a brand new character (Just click randomize - the character will be lost in the end)
    3. Enter Game (as new character), Save+Exit, Quit Starbound
    4. Go to /Steam/steampapps/starbound/Starbound/giraffe_storage/player/ and sort by date modified so the most recently changed is shown FIRST (DO NOT SORT BY ANYTHING ELSE YET)
    5. Copy the first .player file name (the character you just made+entered the game with)
    6. Save the copied file name somewhere temporarily
    7. Delete all the new character's files (.player, .shipworld, .metadata, any .bak files)
    8. Enter Game (as character you plan to duplicate), Save+Exit, Quit Starbound
    9. Go back to /Steam/steampapps/starbound/Starbound/giraffe_storage/player/ and copy+paste the first character's fileS (.player, .shipworld, .metadata)
    10. Rename all the copied files with the file name you have saved on a text program/software
    11. Open the .player and .metadata (of the files you just renamed) Manually change each old ID to the new one; or use the replace all feature in Notepad++
      1. Notepad++ is highly recommended for this step: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download
      2. How to: Highlight the old ID, Ctrl+F, Go to replace, paste the new ID in "Replace with:", then click "Replace All in All Opened Documents"
    12. Restart Starbound completely (especially if you left it open for some reason, this is because it needs to reload the player selection screen)
    13. Enjoy your freshly duplicated character
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    Does this work with the current version? I tried it and i couldn't find the metadata file; It seems like all the characters have the same metadata file. There were a lot of BAK files though.
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    There isn't much reason to duplicate characters. Admin commands can get you up to speed quickly. And if you need more, Starcheat has some compatible versions floating around.
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    correction for most recent version:

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    I kinda want to make a tutorial now on hard-linking ship worlds. Granted I haven't done it but it should work. Enable multiple characters to use the same ship(and therefore whatever storage and furnishings on the ship).

    Maybe later. First I suppose I should make sure it works(nothing unique about the ships that would cause Starbound to freak out).
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