How to disable SMAPI?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Krdoosy, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Krdoosy

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    Hey there!

    So, after I have played with SMAPI for a while, I want to get back to the normal Stardew Valley. However, I do not want to delete my mods. So, is there a way I can disable SMAPI without deleting it or the mods, like, editing something in the files, or moving one of the files somewhere else just to disable it?

    I also don't want to just move the mods somewhere else because that'll still make smapi run as usual.
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    • Moragaine

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      You can run the Smapi installer again to uninstall it, but Smapi is what allows you to use mods. Or you can just click on the Stardew Valley.exe and run the unmodded game.
      • Mizzion

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        If you're using windows, you could always navigate to your Stardew Valley folder, and make a shortcut to Stardew Valley.exe on your Desktop. If you run that, the game will run without mods. Then when you want to use SMAPI again start the game as you usually would.
        • penguinqueen100

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          Can't find my Stardew valley.exe on my mac.... help please

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