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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by AxylumLoL, Jun 11, 2018.

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    This is my first time posting in these forums so please excuse my poor ettiquette if any.

    I would like to know if there is any way to block mods from players joining my server. Like, if someone has a mod like, say, CJB Item spawner. I'd like there to be a way for them to still join but block their CJB Item spawner mod. Mods like these can be used to grief or cheat, which I really dislike. I just want to be able to play legitimately with one of my great friends

    The reason why I'm asking this is cause I have another good friend who wants to play with me, but he often does a lot of shady stuff. Like how he randomly pulls out a lot of resources from seemingly nowhere. One time, he got a bunch of winter forage seeds from nowhere, and I asked him what level his foraging was. He said he was level 6, and from there I knew something was up. It's not possible to craft winter forage seeds until your foraging is level 7.
    Edit: Plus, he could not have gotten it from the community center or my previous storage chests. I have already collected the seeds from the community center and I'm pretty sure I used up all the winter forage seeds in my chests.

    I don't want things like this to happen in my new save. I just want my friend to play the game legitimately and not ruin the experience for me and my great friend.

    This is really just about CJB Item spawner. The only time I ever use it is to revert griefs and cheats like the situation I described above.

    Now before this post gets too long, I'm just gonna end it here. Thanks for reading
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      Please note that the starbound section is not for stardew valley. I moved your topic.
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        I can't think of many games that let players block the mods of other players. I have a feeling that the primary thing you'd have to do is find and play with like minded people.
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          oops sorry! I keep confusing the two games together because of their similar name and art style. Thanks for moving this to the appropriate forum
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          • Creeniest

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            I too am interested in this feature. I feel like we all have that one friend that has to use CJB Item Spawner and Cheat Menu that tends to ruin the game for everyone else. I use the MoreMultiPlayerInfo mod with the BJS MP Kick Mod. You can edit the players inventory by going into their cabin and accessing their dresser. I had to do this because my friend thought it would be acceptable to spawn himself all iron tools on day one. I have a theory that you may be able to prevent a player from joining based on the mods that load through smapi. The Mod Update Menu mod is what gave me the idea that it may be possible to blacklist a mod based off of its info as it lists all the mods you have and gives you the option to directly go to the Nexus Mod page for said mod. So let's say CJB was present and the player went to join the host, which would be me, it would scan the mods that are loaded in that instance and prevent them from joining if that mod was present. I am not much of a programmer unfortunately and am uncertain whether the host would be able to remotely scan for those entries without any port forwarding or configuration on other players computers but it may be possible to block the actual commands that CJB would be issuing to smapi. I believe that CJB uses the player_add console command to spawn items. I would need to do some more research before going into more depth. This is literally the only thread I've found pertaining to this topic and I have been looking just about every day. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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