Question How often do you change your clothes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bonabopn, May 3, 2017.

  1. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    I'd like to know if i'm changing my clothes too often or not often enough. Barring accidents, how often do you all change your clothes?

    For me, it's this often:
    Shirt: 3 days
    Jeans: 5 days
    Jacket: weekly
    Underpants: daily
    Socks: daily
  2. Hel

    Hel Music Mistress Forum Moderator

    Here's my take

    Top: every day or 2 days if I am lazy
    Bottoms: 2 days
    Undies: daily
    bra: Mostly daily. If I'm lazy then not as often
    Socks: If I wear them, daily.

    For me its 2 days max on wearing a top and 3 absolute max on bottoms, whether they're jeans, leggings or skirts. Absolute max 3 for me. But we're all different

    EDIT: Looks like I'm not the only one who keeps the same bra for a fortnight... That's reassuring...
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  3. Surenu

    Surenu Cosmos Killer

    Shirts: Between one or three days depending on the temperature and my level of physical activity.
    Trousers: Around three days, give or take.
    Underwear: Daily. Twice daily actually because I have special undies for sleeping.
    Socks: Daily at least. If there is one thing I hate it's sweaty socks so I change them ASAP.
    Jacket: Weekly.
    Shoes: Whenever I feel like it.
  4. BigEaredKittens

    BigEaredKittens Spaceman Spiff


    Top: once every week, maybe twice.
    Bottoms: 2 days
    Bra: once every two weeks
    Undies: Once or twice a week.
    Socks: Typically don't wear socks, even in freezing/wet weather.
    Headscarf/Underscarf: Never, I only have one at the moment
  5. Chernushka

    Chernushka Space Spelunker

    Top: Once every two days
    Bottoms : Once every week
    Bra : Once every two weeks
    Undies : Well, I always lose them or end up forgetting about them, so once or twice a week.
    Socks : Depends if I sweated a lot. Goes from daily to once in three days.
    Scarves: Depends on the weather and of what I wear, but I usually put them in the washing machine once a week.
  6. Tlactl

    Tlactl Aquatic Astronaut

    I change everything daily because I have a massive surplus of sweatpants and NASA tee shirts
  7. MetaFace

    MetaFace Existential Complex

    Change every piece of clothing everyday, except my jeans, no one removes my jeans. I may wash my jeans once in awhile, but I'll just put them BACK ON!
  8. dullreverie

    dullreverie Poptop Tamer

    Shirts: 1-3 Days
    Jumpers: 1-2 Day
    Pants: 6-8 days
    Socks: when I wear em, daily.
    Shoes: Whatever gets the job done the best.
  9. HueHuey

    HueHuey Giant Laser Beams

    Shirt: 2 days
    Bottom: 4 days
    Undies: 2 days
    Socks: 2 days or less
    Shoes: When the sole dies
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  10. Mrotis5

    Mrotis5 Void-Bound Voyager

    Shirt: Every day
    Pants: About a week or two
    Socks: Every day
    Underwear: Every day
    Jacket: I literally wear the same jacket everyday and only wash it like once a month

    During the summer vacation I wont change my clothes for like a week cus I never go anywhere

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