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  1. Westu

    Westu Aquatic Astronaut

    had writers block, decided to play starbound. That always helps..

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    Novakid aren’t perfectionists. These not so cuddly balls of super dense heated gas aren’t interested in improving upon what they already know works. They can always settle for ‘good enough’. This mentality became startlingly clear to Nitrous when the engine on his ship cut out mid-jump. This causes many problems for the pilot. Symptoms include, nausea, vomiting, and the condition known as Hylotl Hands, moderate to severe head trauma, and worst case scenario excruciatingly painful death and or severe injury. Not that Nitrous ever cared enough to read the warning label before setting off on his adventure. His parents weren’t into spacecraft so he never bothered to learn any of the technical terms, but Nitrous knew something was amiss when the screen in front of him flashed in big bold letters ‘CRASH IMMINENT’. He buckled up and slapped on his bicycle helmet for protection. His little glowing ball of gas pet, As-He cowered in his patented USCM Military Grade Pet Shelter. Nitrous started to drift off into a daydream and he completely forgot what happened next. He woke up who knows how long later, who knows where, on some far away planet with a new idea that he forgot a couple minutes later.

    Nitrous wasn’t the most distractible Novakid ever, but he certainly wasn’t interested in keeping an idea in his head for more than a few minutes. He looked around the fiery wreckage and wondered what had happened. Then he caught a glimpse of a red roof in the rubble and was shot back into reality. He violently threw off metal beams and molten remnants of the ship that he had fallen with. A small cinder floated out of the shattered remains of the patented USCM Military Grade Pet Shelter. Nitrous let the tiny fleck of flame float into his cupped hands. A single acidic tear ran down his face. Suddenly, however, the cinder exploded into life with a bright flame like a dying star. Dust and debris gathered and spun around and around faster and faster until the ball of matter caught fire. Nitrous’s noxious friend appeared in his hands, well, whatever was left of his hands after the extreme heat and raw force blew off his arms. Nitrous would have been freaked out, but he was too happy to see the shining face of his nocuous pet.

    The flaming duo set off to find some way of getting off of the planet and onto their original destination. Remembering where they were going to go before the crash was a whole problem unto itself. The landscape was vacant of any land other than what he was standing on. This was a water world, the worst enemy to any being comprised almost entirely of superheated gas. Nitrous would have thought of some way out of his predicament, but he got distracted by an oval shaped brown fruit growing on one of the bent balding trees. He pondered about how to get the new fruit down from the tree. He didn’t have any arms, since those would take a while to grow back, nor was he 18 meters tall. Nitrous concluded that the only way to get the fruit down was to bring the whole tree down. He moved his body towards the bark and then quickly head butted the tall tree. The area of impact was disintegrated immediately and the surrounding bark was set ablaze. His mission was accomplished. The 20 meter tall tree fell, then hit another tree, which fell deep into a gigantic hole in the ground. The ‘fruit’ fell onto his head and was sliced clean in half. He bent over to pick it up, and realized the fatal flaw in his otherwise ingenious plan… He didn’t have any hands with which to pick up the ‘fruit’. As-He leapt from Nitrous’s shoulder and fell onto the ‘fruit’. The little fireball didn’t have any better luck, as he burnt a tiny squirrel sized hole into the ‘fruit’ and the ground below him. Nitrous sighed, but immediately after forgot why he wanted to get the ‘fruit’ down in the first place.

    Nitrous let his flaming friend climb up his leg to get back onto his shoulder, then he set off to the other side of the island. Once he had made it to the other side of the island, he turned around and walked to another side, and another, until suddenly he tripped and flipped over face first down a gaping hole in the ground. The blue sky above him became the size of an oval shaped fruit, then a pinhole, then all he could see was the area lit up by his dull glow. He landed with a booming splash immediately followed by ear-splitting hiss and a deafening scream of ultimate pain. After a minute or two Nitrous realized that he didn’t feel pain and stood up. The hissing ended a few seconds later, after his feet had forcefully evaporated all of the water in the hole. He looked around and found a tiny door, made for tiny people. He crammed himself through the door and emerged into an underwater settlement covered by large domes of glass. The buildings had blue rooves and wooden walls. Nitrous wondered how they got all of the wood.

    “Oh my, what is that thing doing here?!” A Hylotl shouted and pointed towards Nitrous.

    Nitrous would have lifted his arm and pointed at himself in a questioning way, but as anyone could see he didn’t have the arms to do it. So instead he tried to contort his face look like he was questioning the person that shouted at him. He just ended up making them run away. Nitrous realized that it couldn’t have been him that startled the citizen, because frankly he didn’t have a face to look at them with.
    ((too be continued???????? not unless i'm bored.))

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