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Server Discussion How many CPU cores should I allocate to my Starbound server?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Rattle189, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Rattle189

    Rattle189 Big Damn Hero


    I got a virtual machine running Debian 11 with 2 CPU cores and 6GB of RAM allocated to it and it's running both a Starbound server and StarryPy3k on it. My host machine is Arch on an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with 16GB RAM.

    A little background on why the server is running on a virtual machine is because I wanted to try out running StarryPy3k too and saw that it adds more commands and features to the server both in terms of commands and management, similar to the EssentialsX family of plugins for Minecraft. The only issue with StarryPy3k is that it requires an older version of Python that's outdated but I don't want to run an older version in my main machine so I installed it in a virtual machine instead to keep it all separated, and I guess it's also to make the server easily transferable.

    Now my question is: how many CPU cores should I allocate to my Starbound server so it runs smoothly? I'm aware that there's a severe memory issue with the game itself, like when two people simultaneously are on different large instanceworlds (we have mods that create large outposts such as Elithian Races and Anom's Outpost Overhaul) but that's a different issue itself.

    I've read from numerous threads and forum posts that Starbound is terribly optimized that it only runs on one core or that it's bad at multithreading, but these posts were either old or were back during the beta of Starbound and I'd just like a "2022 confirmation" or something, and the recent information gathered may come in handy for others who are looking to host for their friends or a community.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Genevra

    Genevra Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You're asking two separate things it seems like.

    "How many CPU cores should my server have" does not equate to "How many CPU cores can Starbound use optimally", because you aren't just running the Starbound server process on the VM.

    You ideally would want to allocate every core you could spare. You will be running other processes in the background besides Starbound / the server. How much you can spare is up to the limits of your machine or what you're paying for

    Yes, Starbound is terribly optimized. I wouldn't try to calculate the exact floor it needs to perform at the minimum and pick that though.

    Again, go for a normal, recommended amount of cores like 4 for the VM or get a dedicated server for it, but without more context like core count of your cpu or something it's hard to say

    also check out

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