How many chests to store every fish?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Astrid Speckles, May 22, 2018.

  1. Astrid Speckles

    Astrid Speckles Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I suck at math, so I'm asking how many chests would I need to store every fish of all qualities?

    There is 60 fish,
    And there is 3 quality per fish.
    There are 36 slots per chest

    Help xD ?
    • guitardude_324

      guitardude_324 Big Damn Hero

      I think 5 should do it.
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      • BouncingCactus

        BouncingCactus Big Damn Hero

        I assume you don't have a calculator at hand, but sure I can help you out.
        60 fish times three for each quality fish means a total of 180 fish.
        180/36 is, conveniently enough, exactly 5.
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        • ladymurasaki

          ladymurasaki Star Wrangler

          Why are you keeping the different qualities? Just give out/use whatever you have. Just keep multiples of the same kind. You don't need them all, especially after you're done with the cooking achievement. I have two fish chests and I have fishing buff food in them too.
          • Stryder87

            Stryder87 Existential Complex

            I generally only have 2 for fish. One is for regular fish. I sell all the gold ones for money, and keep the regular and silver for cooking or Bulletin Board requests. The second is for seafood, but not really fish; like lobster, squid, eel, clams, snails etc. If it comes out of the water but doesn't have fins, it goes into this one.
            • Astrid Speckles

              Astrid Speckles Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I just like hoarding everything <w>
              I have one of every item even if it is useless
              • MouseyPounds

                MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                Any shell fish which can be foraged has the potential to be Iridium (with Botanist perk), so that adds a 4th clam, mussel, oyster, and cockle. You can probably still get away with 5 chests though since (unless mods are involved) most Legendary fish can only be caught once (the Legend itself seems to be an exception). Also, it is difficult (maybe impossible?) to get gold quality of some of the fish in special locations such as the desert.
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                • One More Day

                  One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                  AFAIK there's no way to get the crab pot only shellfish in gold or silver either, they're regular quality only, so that's crayfish, snail, periwinkle, lobster, crab and shrimp
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