How ''magic'' would fit

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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes! i like it!

  2. No, i dont like it.

  3. I dont care.

  1. obsidia

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    Your two cents, while cute, are not appreciated.
  2. Dzelda

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    Let me just come out and say, Starbound may have potential. Any game that can make it rain fish from the sky is at least trying to be a magical experience :rofl:
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  3. DevilForce

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    I'm sure everyone here saw the Darkbound post. That is a perfect example. Some weapons in there (not specifically weapons) look really magically like the Dragon Blaster thing witch shoots stuff that forms like a dragon and the glowing Darkbound sword/dagger. My point is that some of that stuff CAN be found in some fantasy games (like glowing swords for a weak example) and they all seam magical and you think "wow i wish I'd know how and why it glows" and here in Starbound, you find out why and it will no longer be magic, It will be science. Things that seem too magical to fit in a sci-fi game can be explained why it looks magical at first glance and why it fits in a sci-fi game.
    Sorry if that made no sense at all, I'm trying really hard to prove my point :p
  4. Dzelda

    Dzelda Parsec Taste Tester

    Why is it you sound like me from 10 pages ago? :rofl:
  5. DevilForce

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    Because I have found a PERFECT example to express what I am thinking (I was too retarded to do so earlier)
  6. Blazerer

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    Stop acting like it then, ffs. Lashing out at anyone who doesn't agree.
    That made perfect sense, and is pretty much what people refuse. Either it's magic or nothing apparently.
  7. DevilForce

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    Magic is undiscovered science ;)
  8. WhiteWeasel

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    Yeah I think it could be Clarke's third law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
    Just that starbounders are smart enough now to tell the difference.
  9. Blazerer

    Blazerer Void-Bound Voyager

    26 pages over 2 threads of me trying to convince people tell otherwise. Though I must say there are those that fight for magic yet understand staff and wizard hats have no place here. I salute those people.
  10. BrutorDragon

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    It would be scientific-magic!
  11. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    I suppose magic is still considered *Magic* if a scientific reason has not been found...
    This thread makes me laugh :rofl:
  12. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah but thats what it makes so special. You don't know how it works! Yet. You can call it magic, but you know it has some logical explanation behind it.
    Magic is undiscovered science :p
  13. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    I doubt they'll input "Mana" and "Spells" into the game, though.
  14. DevilForce

    DevilForce Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is not what I am suggesting or trying to prove.
  15. Insane

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    Good Lord. This thread is 16 pages long and Ultimate Answer of Magic, Wizardry and Everything in Starbound is to be found yet, as it seems.
    (sorry for not bringing any useful into discussion, but didn`t it exhaust itself long ago?)
  16. Mastaf

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    You guys are talking about something for 16 pages, when answer for the main thread question showed up around 2-3 page. But, in my opinion, it hasn't to be bad, because that's the main purpose of a forum - to discuss. There's no need to stop this, when you think about it, so as long as you have something interesting to say - go on!
  17. Exodus

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    Stupidity is not something interesting
  18. Mastaf

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    While being mean is something stupid
  19. I'm not agree with you, "If you don't want it, don't use it" - it's more enough of justification, because in my case it will be a mod, made by me, so I could enjoy game more.

    Nobody will force you to believe in my god, i.e. nobody will force you to play in my mod. You always can pass by. But if you like some part of mod, but dislike other, you always could make mod yourself.

    My friend, creator decides what will be there and what won't be there. Not you.

    My friend, our world is world of opinions, and when you say, that something is have no place within the current system of logic, you mean it yours logic, and only yours, some people may share it, some people may not. Actually, that why vote system exists.

    That's where you're wrong my friend. Magic - it's something we can use, but old grandpas with 50 years of experience in Quantum Mechanics and Dimensional Physics still couldn't explain and show in formulas how it works. Good example: We both present at experiment, we both see as experimental item moved instantly form location A to location B all 100 km, I understood everything because I know a enough of Superstring Physics and M-Physics to understand how it actually worked out, while you, don't know these things, so you call current event Magic. So who is wrong here and who is right here?

    You can't order people what to do and what not to do. You only can state your opinion.

    There is no law that could explain how sound influence heat because: old grandpas with 50 years of experience in Quantum Mechanics and Dimensional Physics still couldn't explain and show in formulas how it works.

    It's impossible with current laws and forces of nature, because we still know nothing about it. Do you know amount of dimensions that exists? Nope you don't, I don't know either. Do you know what dimensions are known for us? I know only 12 so far. How much dimension we can feel/sense? Only 3 so far we can see, touch, interact with them, 4th dimension is barely sensible by us, 5th+ dimensions are beyond our perception range. So everything that more then 4th dimension is Magic? Or everything more then 12th dimension is Magic? Also theoretically amount of dimension is unlimited. You ask why? Here is the answer: Lim(∞)→0

    Sure it can. We live in 3 dimensional metrics, influenced by 4th dimension we can sense (barely) and other dimensions we don't sense. Who ever said, that planet can be exists in different universe, where default dimension metrics is 2.71, or 2.55, or have completely negative number? I'm sure you understand if default dimensional metric is different so basic formulas are too (like for example: formula for Kinetic Energy will be not mv^2, but 2mv^(1.78) or something).

    No body said that 7th dimension does not receives sound vibrations in specific order, that makes 7th dimension to affect first 3 dimensions in such way that friction between molecules is increased or electrons that orbit atoms gain additional velocity that causes breakdown of currently atomic chains, so stray electrons can form excess static electricity.

    As I said, that it's only your opinion.

    My opinion: it does.

    As I said, that it's only your opinion.

    Again, its world of opinions and opinions only, your general concept of magic is very different from mine. My friend, to have explanation of any logic behind any concept of magic, you must have very much practical and theoretical knowledge, that you're missing. Sure you can fight against it, in past Churches even made huge Inquisition armies to fight them. Good luck with that.
  20. Blazerer

    Blazerer Void-Bound Voyager

    Try reading the thread. This is about why magic would fit in Starbound, not why a MOD would fit in Starbound. Read the thread, then start posting because now you force me to wade through a gigantic comment that's wrong on nearly every side.

    And neither do you, that's why this is a discussion, to discuss things that may be. A useless point to bring up.

    - Stop calling me 'your friend'
    - I clearly meant within the logic of Starbound and it's universe as it has laws that cover it, not 'my logic'. Did you even read anything that has been posted?

    - That friend thing gets even more annoying after a few times.
    - Magic is something we don't understand, so we try to figure out how it works. The point is: We cannot use something we don't understand as someone at some point HAD TO KNOW to create it. That's how these things work. And the chances are that if someone created it: it's science. And for there to be something, we must be able to observe it in some way. We can't, as it isn't real, made up and has now laws that influence it in any way. As such it breaks the entire mood of Starbound, thus ruining a portion of the game.

    I'm...baffled I must say. The amount of attention that had to go into not reading my post must have been monumental. I can damn well say you HAVE to do something. If you feel something should be added/included/changed then provide evidence. Don't simply claim 'it must be so' and expect me to nod.

    Besides having nothing to do with the subject: There has to be something to observe to be able to explain it. According to your logic I can push for Puff the magical dragon to be included in the game and you would have no argument whatsoever not to do so. Any argument you would use could be used directly against magic itself.

    Wrong, wrong and by the gods so wrong.
    Depending on your idea of dimensions, we have either 10 or 26 depending if you believe in string theory. We have a pretty good grasp on how the first 10 can be classified and what they cover, and we are learning more and more of the 26th. That's SCIENCE, not some wonky spell-casting.

    Either it's because your English isn't 100% or because you mistake a couple of things, whatever it is you're saying at the moment is completely wrong. We perceive time, yet we are unable to move in it at will, as such we cannot perceive more of the fourth dimension than the point.
    It isn't a case of 'it can exist in multiple universes' it's a case of MUST. It's impossible for there to be the same laws of nature to govern every known galaxy, that doesn't mean we can bend them at will if we don't like them. The current rules and laws of Starbound do not govern magic and as such do not support it in any way. Stop posting nonsense reasons and start telling me why magic SHOULD exist in Starbound.

    That last post proved how much of a waste of time this is. Not only are you only posting to satisfy your own need for...fame? wanting to be right?, your entire post is filled with mistakes, inaccuracies and straw men. You keep grasping things so far out of context not even a ladder can get you close enough.

    1) What you are stating are 2 entirely different things. You are saying that because a car's molecules are changed because of my voice, I can have active control over the car? What kind of reasoning is that? You are in the same line stating that magic is indeed real and can be used by mere voice commands. Be my guest, I'll be expecting the youtube video by tomorrow morning.
    2) Our general concept of magic is EXACTLY the same as far as I can tell from the little part of your post that actually did cover the reason of this topic. You have said nothing to prove otherwise.
    3) I'm sorry, when did anyone become an expert on magic? You are clearly stating you are besides being a physics major and a couple of other things, which means you are so far up your own behind not even the earlier mention ladder standing on top of a tree can save you.
    4) What in the bloody hell does the church have to do with this? Am I now stating all references to magic should be banned? All books mentioning it thrown in a fire? All people claiming to use it burned alive? Of course not. Trying to stop progress is folly, yes. That does not however mean that I should accept a change I deem non-beneficial.

    5)And here we get to the crux of the matter "sure you can fight it". Ergo you state that magic should be included and I'm wrong to try and stop it.

    for the last time, slightly bigger so people can actually understand it:


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