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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes! i like it!

  2. No, i dont like it.

  3. I dont care.

  1. Shippo

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    THIS! It's basically what I was trying to say, but I was terribly misunderstood.
  2. And then something goes wrong and you get cancer. /DUNNNNN
    Okay I ran out of things to bitch about. Carry on or something.
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  3. Sgt. Sprocket

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    But in reality it all boils down to nanotech from Ratchet and Clank.
    Bust the container open, they inject themselves into you and BAM, instant healing, no delay, no wait, just pure bacon.


    I like making these emoticon diagrams, problem?
  4. Dzelda

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    Or you turn into Max from that series on Toonami.
  5. Sgt. Sprocket

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    Oh god childhood.....:cry:
  6. Shippo

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    Nanotechnology always explains lots of stuff when it's used. Especially in Metal Gear Solid 4.
  7. Huntrex

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    You know... Technically magic is just a short quick word for things-we-don't-understand-scientfically isn't it? So, why not have some sorts of gems or items or even chants that allow you to manipulate matter in a way nobody understands?
  8. Active Link

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    Because that would be magic, and Starbound doesn't have magic.
    But, that is not at all what the OP has suggested. DevilForce is suggesting having weapons that have effects we would normally reserve for magic, but say that the scientific understanding of the time makes it possible.
  9. Huntrex

    Huntrex Big Damn Hero

    so basically what your saying is I'm right, but I'm also wrong :p

    FOr exmaple, someone who say, has never seen an elevator before would think "oh it's magic... o.o" where as those that know better know that it's a big metal box propelled by cords and motors and stuff.

    I'm just saying, what if this magic the OP speaks of, could be explained as magic because nobody knows how it works exactly. It would be an ancient yet powerful technology of some sort that manipulates matter using ways that the current observers call magic because they don't know how it works. I think you missed my point.
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  10. Tea Mate

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    That's a possibility. Though cancer is still better than instant death from wounds. Besides, you can always make a new character.
  11. Quests to cure yourself from cancer? That might be a bit insensitive though...
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  12. DevilForce

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    actually, its not a glove. It looks like bones are over your skin but they are out of metal and a circle in the middle of the palm.
  13. Bombzero

    Bombzero Giant Laser Beams

    That's a glove made out of individual plates.
  14. Starboundian

    Starboundian Poptop Tamer

    Honestly, I dislike magic. It would be okay to find a planet, Ions surrounding... Maybe find a temple or a religious house and make a weapon? But the idea of magic is too DnD.. Yah know?
  15. SrsBznz

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    That just sounds like a very "dark and edgy" glove. Or to be more precise like Bombzero pointed out, a very "dark and edgy" glove made out of individual parts.
  16. Dairuga

    Dairuga Void-Bound Voyager

    I am surprised at how there is a thread on how Magic could fit in the Universe of Starbound, and Mass Effect not having been brought up even once. That game had a reasonably Scientific magic system, so to say, using biotics as the umbrella term for magic, and gave a rather good impression on how magic could be Scientific. Such a system would perhaps not be viable in a Starbound world, but it proves that magic does not need to be all tied with medievalry in the ways of arcane gestures, chants, glyphs and magic circles.

    Most people have the preconception that "Magic" is too medieval in feel. D&Dish and such, but really, it need not be any such thing. In various literary works and fiction, magic can be portrayed as the life force of a planet, a density of mana; simply particles, flowing naturally around the world as any other resource, an intricate resonance created by afformentioned methods to react in certain ways, and so on and so forth. Magic has been around far before DnD, to mention an example, but with the widespread reputation of said game, the Vancian magic system has gotten a rather bad reputation, sadly enough.

    You do not need a crinkly, pointy hat; a wizard's robe and a staff of wizardry to make yourself adept at using magic. One could instead use Bio-amplifying attachments for mentally charged abilities, electric gloves that can cause a sudden excitation of molecules and create a forceful pressured pushor a burst of flame to appear, boots of anti-gravity that utilize an electromagnetic concept to repel air and let you stand in midair, and so on and so forth. Seen as this, such magic could certainly fit. Psionics, or psychic power, is also a form of "Magic" that have been widely accepted in scientific and science fiction books. Mentally powered "Magic", that creates effects much alike magical abilities, albeit with a less flashy performance, which may count as another example of how such things work.

    When you think about it, Terraforming, teleporting and atmospheric excitation, for example, is already magic made science, in many ways. And if they need any resources or special equipment to work, there you have a refluffed variant of Mana, and Rituals. A scienctific Weather base is much like a specially-designed ritual to alter the weather, wrapped up in a new and sleek design.

    I personally love the concept of introducing magic; be it a long-lost art, a chemical on a planet that lets people do supernatural things, or condenced, raw energy, that mutates people into being granted special powers is a brilliant touch to add to a sci-fi charged game. In Terraria, the fact that one could consume stars, or rather, fused stars, to gain some modicum of magic was excellent. The fact that one could only ever attain 10 stars, prior to the patches (And even so, after the patches), not such much. Magic there was only ever used to power levitation glove, or magical items with limited usability. It was less of an intrinsic gained ability, and more of an artifical-accumulated power within you that let you power special-powered equipment. Such a thing could very much work in Starbound as well, merely with more scientific items.

    I would rather love having large-spanning items or simply inherited abilities that one could gain trough various quests or otherwise find thorough the galaxy, that could do such things. Be it summoning falling stars, create a photon-powered ball of energy or make grass grow; make water freeze over, condense water from air and hurl it forward, etc. The only gripe about the Magic system in Terraria, was the fact that it stopped rather quickly. One could gain a hundred stars, which would maximize one's magical potential. You could not spend years accumulating stars to become a true archmage; one could not master the arts of magic to make it better, more efficient, more devastating and powerful. There was no -growth-. But again, this is beside the point, and possibly the goal of another thread, but still.

    Back to the point, Perhaps some of the worlds could be magically charged, like Terraria. Hell, imagine if you could stumble into -the world- of Terraria (Albeit that would govern some copyright-infringement without special deals being arranged, I am sure). A green, bountiful land with slimes, rabbits, parts of white-spanning fields of rainbows and unicorns, and rotten, vile vegetation where monstrous spiders and centipedes lived. Where stars fell and magic would be dense. Then you could have worlds were the magic was dead, a lot of machinery would be walking around, and you'd have your standard sci-fi world. There could be worlds that had little of both, or a high density of both (Albeit creating special mixtures of -that-, would create several extra months of programming to make work, properly). As suggested in earlier posts, there could be relics and items that could be found in such worlds; trinkets or artifacts to help unlock such power, that you could carry with you and use in other worlds. Perhaps unlock certain "Perks", that so many people talk off in other threads, that makes you adapt and gain some modicum of power, that could further be enhanced by other means.

    Lost technologies could all govern mechnical devices that could take Magic's place. Lost civilizations buried under sand; hidden within pyramids, found in jungle-covered ruins from ancient creatures that battled themselves to death, bringing ruination and scars upon the entire world, leaving only few traces of their remains. Perhaps salvaging such equipment could warrant quests from researches, as they tried to reinvent what had once been, and introduce the player to a few, basic things like localized Terraforming, changing the colour of a small patch of environment; create water that would pool and create small pools, create patches of snow and ice, create a draught to erase water, etc. Or more damaging effects like lasers, jets of fire or steam, balls of plasma and high-density electricity to lash out and deal damage to natural wildlife.

    And now I have rambled on enough, so I am going to end my post here. Anyone that reads this far, congratulations, you get a cookie.
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  17. DevilForce

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    :up: Bravo.
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  18. Using technology that has been established and explained within the series to produce effects.

    This is the difference between Skyrim dragons using shouts to produce fire and Dragonflight dragons using helium or whatever built up inside their bodies ignited with a flintstone.

    Edit: Yes, I didn't read that huge post because my brain shortcut upon seeing it. Read it over quickly.
    I think we should just try to go with what the devs want, aka no magic. :l Have scifi powersources or biological abilities limited to specific beasts, but we don't need to call or treat it as magic. Its like a scientist discovering magnetism and calling it magic because they never saw it before - its just not how a sufficiently advanced civilization works anymore.
    The starbound level of tech assures us that at least humans are from a civilization that is not going to declare an unknown technology "magic" as soon as they meet it.
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  19. DevilForce

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    You should read it all because its worth it. I've read it all.
  20. Thing is, on the internet its hard to read a wall of text because your concentration is different than when reading a book. :l From the parts I saw, Im not at all interested in reading it all, since there are a lot of other kinds of distractions that I'm more inclined to read.

    Edit: Has anyone ever gone as far as to?

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