How long do I need to wait to marry?

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  1. destroybuildme

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    I recently reached a ten-heart status with Leah and am looking to marry her. How long should I wait to give her the mermaid's pendant? The 2 most popular wikis don't mention anything about the time spent dating her, but a book in the museum does. It says, "Before you ask someone to marry you, you'll have to date the for awhile first." (Picture attached.) Because I could easily marry Leah now, I'm wondering how long you all waited before popping the question, and whether it matters at all. Also, does my daily luck affect the chances of being rejected? (And can you even be rejected?) Thanks!

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    • Megzzzx

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      You don't have to wait. Once she is 10 hearts and you have the pendent you're good to go. After you ask it takes 3 days till your wedding. So if you want to pick a certain day, then just ask 3 days before that day.
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      • NikkSword

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        I suppose you'd have to wait until a rainy day. Once you have her (or anyone) up to 10 hearts, you just need the pendant that you get on a rainy day from the old Mariner. Once you have that- pop the Question! She will say yes!

        Then she'll be killed by a roving Joja Mart employee. 'Tis better to have loved and lost than to never to have loved at all
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        • MrsEvilbird

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          No such thing as rejection if you're at 10 hearts :3 the dating period is after you give them a bouquet at 8 hearts, so you've done that already :D
          I usually ask whoever i want to marry, on the same day as i can get the pendant, no need to wait!
          Though i did wait on one save, where i went for Haley, made it so we'd get married on the day of the flower dance, mwahahaha
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          • MagicallyClueless

            MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

            You can't get rejected if you fit all the criteria. If Leah's at 10 hearts and you have a house expansion (at least the first expansion) then you're good to go!
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            • Lark the Brave

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              If it were me I'd wait a bit after reaching ten hearts before giving a mermaid necklace. Some of the high heart dialogue is seasonal and as far as I know wont be said again after you marry.
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              • destroybuildme

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                Thanks for confirming my suspicions, everyone! Off to get married!
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                • Borodin

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                  Be sure to throw the garter and bouquet to Elliott and Pam.
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                  • musical74

                    musical74 Space Kumquat

                    NOOOOOOOOOO don't get married!! It's a trap!!

                    Joking aside, once you get the pendant and have an upgraded house, I don't think there's any other requirements.
                    • MattytheMouse

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                      Son, don't rush into marriage. It's a huge life decision and frankly I'm not sure you are ready for the responsibilities of a family man. You have to be absolutely sure the person you are marrying is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, like your mother and me.
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