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How hard would it be...

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by W0lf4tr0n1cs, Aug 8, 2016.


Add hyper-Threading?

  1. Yes! (For Xeon'ss and i7's)

  2. Yes! (For I7's)

  3. Yes! (For Xeon's)

  4. No!

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  1. W0lf4tr0n1cs

    W0lf4tr0n1cs Space Hobo

    To implement multi-threaded game capabilities, like have lighting on one core (seems to be the biggest problem right now, for every draw call there seems to be a lighting update) and everything else on 2 -3 different cores, so use (at least) 4 cores, or something, because xeons suffer greatly from lack of speed, but plenty of horsepower, if used correctly. CALLING OUT DEVS!

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