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How does damage work in RoR?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dave Combine, May 8, 2013.

  1. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    I know how this is kind of a silly question, but instead of seeing damage numbers (5 damage, 200 damage, etc.), I have been seeing percents. What does this mean exactly? I made a little chart to hopefully show what I'm thinking it means:

    START: 500 HP
    (+75% dmg) 125 HP
    (+75% dmg) 32 HP
    (+75% dmg) 8 HP
    (+75% dmg) 2 HP
    . . .
    ...But then the enemy will never die.

    (+75% dmg) .5 HP
    (+75% dmg) .125 HP
    (+75% dmg) .3125 HP
    . . .

    Is it that the attack always does, in this case, 75% damage of the remaining health, or the starting health (500) ?
    • hopoo

      hopoo Risk of Rain Developer Developer

      The % is how much of your base damage your skills do. Characters start out with 12 base damage, and gain 3 per level up. So a skill that does 100% damage will do anywhere between 12~10 damage (deviance between 1~0.8 of maximum damage)

      Hope that helps!
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      • Dave Combine

        Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

        Ohhh, so if a skill did, let's say, 125% damage, then the damage would range between 12~15?
        • Shrooblord

          Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

          Gotcha. :)
          I like it when the game tells me something's about to do 500% damage. That's so much more satisfying than a static number.
          • Dave Combine

            Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

            Hm. Good point I guess. :p

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