How do you specify coordinates for /warp?

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    I'm trying to warp to some random system in the celestialworld.
    /warp celestialworld:
    only plays the "arrive on planet" beam animation (ofc, since no coordinates are specified).

    I tried all kinds of formats, e.g.:
    /warp celestialworld:42:23
    /warp celestialworld:42_23
    /warp celestialworld:42,23
    /warp celestialworld:42.23
    ... but I only get "could not parse arguments" when specifying coordinates.

    /help warp only gives me the same text as starbounder:
    (only mentions "/warp celestialworld:celestialcoordinate")

    Searching the forums, I did not find a thread explaining the use of the warp command (except for people using
    /warp InstanceWorld:Outpost
    to get to the outpost, or
    /warp Nowhere=x.y
    to warp to x.y in the current world).

    So, what is the proper format to specify a "celestialcoordinate" for using /warp with celestialworld?
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    doesn't work either... i need help too

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