How do you name your farm animals?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ScarletAurora, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. ScarletAurora

    ScarletAurora Poptop Tamer

    Do you just keep the suggested names or do you give them other names?
    I like to name all my cows with flower names - Petunia, Tulipa, Poppy, Dandelion.
    My two bunnies are named Kiki and Lili and if I have more I'll follow this pattern.
    Sometimes I like the suggested names and keep them, like one of the chickens is Bruka and the pig is Mus-Mus.
    Also, if you have cats or dogs and horse what are their names?
    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      I had a dairy farm where all my cows were named after items in the game - fruit, flowers, forage, gemstones etc.

      Have also used old Victorian era names a couple times, once when I had a bunch of chickens and again when I did a goat farm.

      Horses are usually named after specific oc's of mine, and my pet (modded to be a Junimo) switches back and forth depending on which character I'm playing as on that save.

      Generally speaking, food names or fantasy style names are usually my top picks.
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      • MouseyPounds

        MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

        I always have a theme for my livestock. My first playthrough they were food-related (e.g. pig named Bacon, chicken named Cordon Bleu, etc.) On other playthroughs I've done monsters from godzilla movies, famous scientists, and famous explorers.
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        • Lilliput

          Lilliput Supernova

          I seldom keep livestock but I did have three ducks named for the fates-- Clothos, Lachesis, and Atropos. On my pirate-themed save all the chickens were named for fictional pirates (Flint, Cap'n Hook, Peter Blood, and Long John). I kept a rabbit named Merryn on one save (a Cornish derivative of /Merlin/). I named one horse Humboldt on an early save, but my main save, the 'horse' has been retextured into a flying witch's broom called, very simply and directly, Broom. My cat is usually Julian (after the calendar, if I could keep two the other would be Gregorian), and on my haunted save, I keep a ghost dog (retextured sprite) called Spooky.
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          • reversedtarot

            reversedtarot Void-Bound Voyager

            on my first farm i named my only three chickens after instruments; piccolo, timpani, and buccina. later, my cow got the generated name "chungus" and it made me laugh so much i had to keep it. on my second farm, i plan to name my animals after famous artists/painters, but i never have a solid "plan" for my farms anyway so that might not stick.
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            • Borodin

              Borodin Oxygen Tank

              I am currently working a fish-themed game, so my character is Salmon, and my farm, Tuna Hill. I've got a range of animals named Sardine, Tilapia, Bass, Flounder, etc. And a sheep named, in a burst of inspiration, Calimari.
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              • LadySurly

                LadySurly Void-Bound Voyager

                My chickens are always named after colours and my cows are normally named after months of the year. I tend not to raise any other types of animals...
                • Stryder87

                  Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

                  I'll name my ducks after cartoon ducks; Daffy, Donald etc, Pigs after cartoon one; Porky, Bacon (ok, not cartoon but fitting!) etc. After a while it gets too much and I'll just hit random until something i like comes up or I'll alter a random a bit to suit my current taste.

                  Usually my horse is named after a famous TV one like Trigger or Silver, and my current one is Shadowfax. My dog is usually always named what my fav dog name is; Bandit (I always wanted a Border Collie), and my cat... can't remember! haha
                  • StardewMe

                    StardewMe Aquatic Astronaut

                    I guess I'm boring haha. I just kept the default suggested name for all livestock.
                    • Charity322

                      Charity322 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      I keep the default name usually, but I will cycle through them until it comes up with one I like. I have named some animals personally, like spooky names for my void chickens.
                      • Powerwing Amber

                        Powerwing Amber Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        I'm another one of those cruel people that names all my livestock after foods that they could be made into. :pfff: There are a few exceptions to this rule, though.
                        My void chicken is named Pandora, my blue chicken is Shana and my dinosaur is Jagger.

                        Also, my cat and horse are named after farm pets from long ago: Jinga and Colton.
                        • Stryder87

                          Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

                          I've never gotten a blue chicken. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can only get it by buying a chicken, not hatching one? Can you get one before you have 8 hearts with Shane and he reveals his blue chickens?
                          • MouseyPounds

                            MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                            You can't get them unless you see the 8-heart event. I always buy mine since my incubator is usually cranking out ducks to sell. But supposedly there is a 1/4 chance for regular chickens you hatch to be blue after the event.
                            • Stryder87

                              Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

                              I've often wondered if this was a viable income option, even with other animals. The one thing that always made me figure it wasn't worth it was the time you had to wait for the animal to reach adult to get the most return on investment. I always figured you'd end up making more money from selling their products (raw and/or processed) in the long run than actually raising and selling the animal itself.
                              • MouseyPounds

                                MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                                In my case, I never have a full coop (can't be bothered to tend that many animals) and would not be using the incubator most of the time anyhow. Spending 1 duck egg per week to get 1260g back (I sell immediately) seems like a pretty good deal.
                                • Pangaea

                                  Pangaea Forum Moderator

                                  I name mine after food stuffs but I don't keep very many animals. At the moment I have chickens named Ranch, Ketchup, Mustard, and Vinegar. My cat is named Chips. Kind of a theme I guess.
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                                  • wronghandle

                                    wronghandle Star Wrangler

                                    The Coopmaster skills certainly points in this direction - why else would reduced incubation time & faster hearts be an advantage? However, being limited to a single incubator per coop throttles back duckling production. (And if CA lets Marnie sell us more incubators, you know we're all going to start hatching chickens in the library.)

                                    Back to the OP, I need to up my game for naming animals. Reading everyone else's lists, I realize I've been improvising aimlessly. I sorta had a theme, but unforunately that theme was "stuff I love about my darling imaginary pets" which does tend to make them sorta blend together. So far my ducks have been: Puddle, Flipper, Greenie, Bep Bep, Paddle, Jolly, and some I can't remember. The chickens are even worse: Flirty Girl, Big Softie, Brownie, Inky, Strange, Lovey, a bunch that have blurred together in my mind, Chum, Marvellous, and some more I can't remember. I've had fewer rabbits: Sniffer, Beezer, Thumper, Milkshake and nope can't remember.

                                    The thing is that I love my coop animals, so I put some on every farm. But there've been so many farms now ...
                                    • Jack Of Shades

                                      Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      Very inappropriately.
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                                      • ScarletAurora

                                        ScarletAurora Poptop Tamer

                                        Well, now I'm curious
                                        • Charity322

                                          Charity322 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          Famous last words. :rofl:

                                          I was disappointed that the blue chickens didn't guarantee blue chicken eggs like the whites and browns. I don't have much room for incubating as I only sell my animals if I screw something up.

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