How do you identify creatures in Capture Pods?

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    Pretty much the title. Sometimes, when you capture a monster, it automatically gives the information about the monster, other times it'll just say it's an "Unknown creature" and some "Indescribable horror", but I'd really like to know how to identify them. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    There are 3 categories of monsters in Starbound.

    1. Unique Monsters:
    Unique Monsters are custom designed enemies that appear in different places based on biomes and planet type. These monsters are the same everywhere that you find them. Unique monsters each have their own custom names and descriptions and this is the information that you find in the name and description fields when you capture monsters.

    2. Random monsters:
    Random monsters are generated differently on each planet. They're generated from a set of parts and don't have any custom written descriptive information. Because no description is programmed in for these they generate with the default placeholder description of "Some indescribable horror."

    3. Critters
    Critters are those small, harmless little creatures you see on the planet surface that you can kill. You can throw a capture pod at one and capture it. Critters are not randomly generated and act similarly to unique mobs, but do not have custom descriptions or names provided for them yet.

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