How do you drop things in the mobile version?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DancingQueen, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. DancingQueen

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    Hi! I recently bought Stardew Valley on my iPad and I am wondering how do you drop stuff from your inventory? Not throw it in the trash can cause I do intend to come back for the items when I have freed up some space.
    • Skinflint

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      Crafting a Chest then storing your items in it is your nearest option. Only items that can be placed and later moved can be put into a state of being "loose" on the map (via Hoe or Pickaxe), and that is the closest to being "dropped" by the player that anything gets, to my knowledge.
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      • BentFX

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        I don't know how to do it on mobile, but on PC you split a stack of something. Say I don't want to carry around mixed seeds. I take 1 wood from a stack, replace the mixed seeds, drop the mixed seeds and walk away. Then I can re-combine the wood stack leaving an empty slot. For the record, I usually just throw mixed seeds in the trash.
        • Black Market Beagle

          Black Market Beagle Tentacle Wrangler

          I'm not sure you do. I've tried a variety of things, but I think the underlying mechanic is different.

          On PC, if your inventory is full and you pick something out of it, so that it attaches to your cursor and a slot is empty, that slot immediately fills with whatever is lying on the ground. You can then drop whatever's attached to your cursor.
          On iOS, that slot won't fill until you've put the thing on your cursor in the trash. The split stack thing doesn't work, it just un-splits the stack.

          I would really like there to be a way to drop things....
          • RandallTheScandall

            RandallTheScandall Space Hobo

            As far as I know, there is no way to drop an item and get it later, but you can dispose of it.
            When you press the square with three lines that opens up your inventory (with all the menus like Social, the map, etc.) there's a trash can where you can tap the item you want to dispose of.
            • Ringeltree

              Ringeltree Space Spelunker

              This this is relatively new I think (compared to the first posts when it likely wasn’t implemented yet) but you can drop an item by dragging it to the side near but not on trash can.
              • hanling

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                Long drag items to the total revenue area and then let go.
                • Tyrawr

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                  Open inventory with the 3 bars and drag the item you want to drag on the ground to the bottom right of your inventory where it shows you your funds

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