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    Hey, I've been wanting to make Stardew mods (For personal reasons and for friends, and maybe if I get good enough for the public) and I was wondering how I can get started? I currently have no modding experience, but it's something I've been wanting to do as practice for the future maybe. (And it seems fun)

    I've read on modding in the wiki, but I don't completely understand it, so can somebody with a little experience maybe help me out? Thanks!
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      For modding the music and SFX look here:

      Just download the DirectX stuff

      Then download the zip at the bottom of his post and place it where ever

      Get the wave bank from \Stardew Valley\content\XACT

      Throw the Wave Bank into WaveBankExtractPackV2 (The program in the zip that Drogean made)

      Run Extract Wave Bank found in the folder you just extracted the Wave Bank to

      Look into \WaveBankExtractPackV2\New

      upload_2018-2-17_21-51-20.png You'll find 362 unnamed files like this < here is a Google Doc with most of the songs named but none of the SFX, I've identified about 150 of the files, planning on uploading them once I've finished

      At this point you'll probably want to install a Software to edit Audio if you Don't have one yet, I use Audacity < link to Audacity download

      You cannot remove or add any files to the Wave Bank, you have to replace them by finding the file you want to put in there and copy and pasting the numbers of the corresponding file from the Wave Bank and renaming the file you want to put into the Wave Bank with whatever file you wanted to replace from the Wave Bank
      After you've replaced all the files you want, go to the bottom of the folder with all the unnamed files and click the upload_2018-2-17_21-52-8.png "NEW" XACT Project

      When XACT opens double click the Wave Bank tab and then select all the files in the window that pops up

      Then Right click and click on Update Source Path, find the folder with the unnamed files in it and select that one for the source path

      upload_2018-2-17_21-50-21.png Then click the little orange button with all the blocks on it

      After that place the Wave Bank back into \Stardew Valley\Content\XACT replacing the old Wave Bank

      For editing the Visuals of the game:
      Download what Drogean tells you to again

      Install what Drogean tells you to again

      Find the XNB file you want to edit inside of \Stardew Valley\Content upload_2018-2-17_22-14-39.png

      Take XNB file and put it into the "Packed" folder
      upload_2018-2-17_22-6-38.png upload_2018-2-17_22-15-38.png
      Run "UNPACK FILES"

      Look into the "Unpacked" folder and fine the PNG file upload_2018-2-17_22-16-18.png

      at this point you'll want something that you can edit the PNGs with, I use Gimp < download for Gimp

      Open PNG with GIMP

      Draw all over it or whatever you want to do upload_2018-2-17_22-29-21.png

      Overwrite the PNG

      Run "PACK FILES"

      Place new XNB file back into \Stardew Valley\Content upload_2018-2-17_22-30-19.png

      Run game

      upload_2018-2-17_22-33-9.png upload_2018-2-17_22-33-28.png

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        Thank you!
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          Sorry to bother you, but for some reason unpack isn't working for me?
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            The batch file?
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              Sorry, I fixed it
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                Okie doke

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