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How do I spawn in fishing collection fish?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by TheTwilightDancer, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. TheTwilightDancer

    TheTwilightDancer Starship Captain

    I am not trying to cheat to complete a collection. Those I will fish for myself. But I built an aquarium somewhere and wanna fill it with fish including collection fish, and so far days of fishing yielded no fish other than common. I am unlucky I guess, so instead I tried spawning the fish in near my aquarium so I could grab using relocator so I could put them in the tank myself but all I see is a silhouette of the fish and it disappears. I figured it was because I needed the line in the water so I went to the ocean, threw the line in, and then spawned a fish but it results in the same thing. Fish doesn't show up, just a silhouette and then it vanishes. The silhouette isn't grabbable via the relocator either, I tried. How in the world do I get the fish to actually appear? I just want these ones for my aquarium. Is there a particular code that I gotta add into the spawn monster command to get the fish to really appear and stay?

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