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How do I place background blocks?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Tazi, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    This is probably my forth thread asking how to do something, but how DO you place background blocks for houses and things?

    Also, can someone explain the L and R keys on the action bar? I don't understand it! :p

  2. Shasta

    Shasta Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Right click to place things in the background, same thing with removing them.
    L and R keys I don't know much about, but you can place items in them and use the L and R mouse buttons to control them
  3. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    The L and R sections are for weapons. For example, if I had a one-handed sword I could put it in the left slot and a shield in the right slot. I left click to swing my sword, right click to block with my shield. You can hit X to switch quickly to you L and R slots, in case you get in a sticky situation quickly.
  4. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    You right click while holding the item that you want to place??

    And are you sure you can do that? Cause whenever I click the L or R button while an item is in one of those slots it doesn't work unless I aimlessly scroll my mouse through the action bar or double press one of the keys from 1 - 9.
  5. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    You don't use them for placing items. You should use your regular hotbar and inventory for that. I would strictly use my L and R slots for things like weapons or anything of that nature.
  6. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    Are you only able to use one handed weapons? And are both one handed items out at the sametime if you have say a "sword and a shield" in both the L and R slots?
  7. Amberftw

    Amberftw Void-Bound Voyager

    I asked the exact same question not that long ago, lol.
    You can right click with your matter manipulator on the background blocks to mine them away, or use your pickaxe.
    To place them, you use your matter manipulator to right click and place them!

    Something so simple, yet so easy to miss :p
  8. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    You can put a two-handed weapon/tool in there, but it would be virtually useless.

    Yes, you would visually see both items at the same time.
  9. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    Oh okay, i'll have to try that out then. Thank you VERY much. could you do the same with a flashlight and a one handed sword? For example if you're holding the sword would the flash light still be turned on? or would you have to press the Right mouse button to turn it on?
  10. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    By using your matter manipulator do you mean selecting the item individually, and then placing said item with the manipulator? Thank you for the feed back :)
  11. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    Yes, and the flashlight would remain on and point where ever your mouse is even if the sword doesn't.
  12. Amberftw

    Amberftw Void-Bound Voyager

    When destroying blocks, you have your pickaxe or MM selected then right click.
    When placing blocks, you have the ANY block (That's right you can use whatever blocks you think is nice) selected, right click and you can place that.
  13. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    Thank you so much! Glad this community is so up beat and helpful.
  14. Tazi

    Tazi Orbital Explorer

    Thankyou very much for your help! I highly appriciate it :)
  15. Roggan

    Roggan Aquatic Astronaut

    If you use "Z" you can switch between the L and R slots. It's quite handy if you put two 2-handers there with different speeds/knockback. :)
    I use it quite alot at least...
  16. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    We have a Necromancer on our hands!
  17. Cloudy Mind

    Cloudy Mind Aquatic Astronaut

    I have the Necronomicon in my hands. I might have forgotten some of the words but i got most of it right. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
  18. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    At least the necro is still on topic, unlike you two. The problem is never the necro itself, but people complaining about it.

    Anyway, question was answered long ago. Locking.
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