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Server Help How do i find my Server IP?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by AlienTetris, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. AlienTetris

    AlienTetris Yeah, You!

    So i want to make a server to mess around with.

    and to do so i need to find my IP.. how do i do so?
  2. The Thing

    The Thing Existential Complex

  3. AlienTetris

    AlienTetris Yeah, You!

    So i launch my sever and i put in the IP and the password and it says join failed error connecting
  4. The Thing

    The Thing Existential Complex

    Ah yeah, you need to find your IP for yourself too...
    I can give you the step to find in in windows 7.
    -Click start
    -In the search bar enter "Command"
    -In the black screen that opened, enter "IPconfig"
    It should be one of the adress in the list you can scroll trough, sadly I haven,t done this in so long I can't remember the name of it sorry.
  5. Syntax42

    Syntax42 Pangalactic Porcupine

    There are a few IP addresses you need to be aware of. Your internet IP address is given to your modem and is used for communication between your LAN and the internet. Your computer's LAN IP address is private, which means nobody can send traffic directly to you. The LAN IP is used for communicating to your modem, which communicates with the internet for you. You also have a loopback IP address which is used for a computer to talk to itself.

    Some routers don't send traffic back to where they came from. This means if you use your LAN or internet IP address, you won't be able to connect to a server running on your computer. You need to use your loopback IP address which is always if it is running on the same computer.
  6. dany001

    dany001 Space Hobo

    in order to locate your IP, you can navigate to command prompt on your PC from start menu then type ipconfig and press enter. You'll see your IP local address listed right above the subnet mask.
    Or simply you may find your public IP address through many online sites such as https://whatismyip.network/
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