Modding Help How do I figure out the bounding box size of objects?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Ristray, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Starting out with very basic modding of textures and while recoloring is simple enough.. how do I figure out how far I can extend a sprite before it isn't counted in the game anymore?

    Take for instance the blue butterfly sprite. I want to recolor this but I notice it's really tiny. How much bigger can I redraw the butterfly before a wing gets cut off in the game?

    I opened up the .png in Asesprite. The background shows one dark grey box behind the blue butterfly. Is that how dark box available for me to draw in?

    Thanks for any help. :nod:

    Edit: Went ahead and tried editing the blue butterfly. Here's what it looks like in Asesprite. spritesheettest.png See how the sprites are inside those boxes? So I kept my version inside the same box.

    And this is how it looks like in-game. <3 Now to just work on the animation a little bit. It's close but could be smoother.


    Whether this is how other sprites that take multiple boxes is not yet known, by me anyways. Will leave this here for any future pixel people looking for the same or similar help.
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