Question How did you get the idea for your username/gamertag?

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How did you get your username/gamertag?

  1. Came up with it myself!

  2. It was automatically asigned to me.

  3. A freind made it!

  4. I can't remember...

  1. MitKit

    MitKit Phantasmal Quasar


    I was just curious how people came up with their username/gamertag for things, so I decided to make this thread!

    For example:
    I got my username/gamertag by signing up for Xbox live. My Xbox automatically gave me the name "MightyKitty4". I thought it didn't sound bad so I chose to stick with it!

    So how did you come up with yours?

  2. TTStooge

    TTStooge Big Damn Hero

    PC: When I first got minecraft whenever I was like 9 or 10 or something, my dad did the password and username and stuff because of a bunch of reasons I will not list here right now.
    So, he set my username as "ttstooge", and it kinda just stuck.

    PS4: I tried making an account on my brother's PS4, and I was planning on migrating the account onto my own PS4 whenever I got one. However, my brother didn't want me using "TTStooge" because he's stupid and stuff, so he forced me to pick something else. I eventually went with "CannonOfGlass" because Glass Cannons are kinda my preferred play style for most games, though it depends on what game it is.
  3. Space Hebrew

    Space Hebrew Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I got my username from watching "Jews In Space" clip by Mel Brooks after my world history teacher mentioned it during class.
  4. I got my name from a book series called: Warriors, it's by the author Erin Hunter.
    Firepaw was one of the names given to the main character (whose original name was Rusty) I really enjoyed the books, and one day I was making an account and decided to use Firepaw as my name, and I've been using it ever since
  5. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    about 8-10 years ago i decided i wanted a new username that was unique. i put together some of my favourite letters and googled it to make sure no-one else had ever used it.
    i still use it c:
  6. krawky398

    krawky398 Ketchup Robot

    When I was like 8 and making a Neopets account, I did the usual first time on the internet thing of "let's name it after something related to what i'm signing up for" (sorry if your username is starbound-related). I had a Pocket Neopet toy which had a Krawk on it, so with a bit of Steve Irwin inspiration, I came up with "krawky"!
    ...But that was taken, so the registration said "maybe add numbers like krawky398", and I took that. Afterwards, that name stuck with me, especially the numbers!

    fact 1: Despite my name, I never did get a Krawk on Neopets. Those things are expensive and hard to get!
    fact 2: I insist on no capitalization if it has the numbers. Krawky is fine. krawky398 is fine. Krawky398 is not really fine.
    fact 3: After Steve Irwin passed away, I had exactly one person get mad at me for my name.
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  7. GeekBoy

    GeekBoy Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like computers and stuff, I can "fix" computers and stuff, and I am male.
  8. Hel

    Hel ✨ Johto's Finest ✨ Forum Moderator

    I took the last 2 letters out of my name. And its what people have been calling me for years.

    Hel [en]

    Plus there's a Norse Goddess called Hel also. But I didn't know that until after. Honest.
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  9. Apathy Applied

    Apathy Applied Ketchup Robot

    How did I get my username? Well... sit down, let me tell you a story.

    It was a late night, so late I could see the sun. Somewhere in between checking profiles and playing games I happened upon a thought, "I think it's about time I changed my username." (at the time my username was EpicFrenchToast, I had thought it was time to outgrow it) The process was fairly quick, it's surprising how creative you can be near complete exhaustion. In less than ten minutes (I'm not exactly sure, my brain tells me ten) I had come up with three candidates; Apathy Applied, Sympathy Synced, and Empathy Encrypted.

    I still use the other two, not so much EE because, well, it sounds kinda trash...

    Apathy Applied worked for me the best. It sounds great, it sounds kinda computer-ish which fits my personality in a way, I like the AA thing, I find it funny how it contrasts my personality (I'm complicated, don't look at me like that!), aaaaaand... I think that's about it.
  10. Inurian

    Inurian Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I named myself after a character from the fantasy novel Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley. The character was kind of a typical magic-user guy, but the name really stuck with me
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  11. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    SIV - Supernaturally Inspired Visionary
    Corp - corporation, people authorized to act as a single entity

    Siv has been my main handle from the 90's. The Corp was added in the 2000's
  12. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Cosmic Narwhal

    My online handle is my real name phoneticized. I-aey-an (I A N) El-yu-ex (L U X). I'm starting to regret it, because no one can or will pronounce it. I've been called female and Roman before. But it's too late. The name's already on all my stuff.
  13. Joft

    Joft Orbital Explorer

    Well I go by JoftheTman on most of my other accounts, because my initials irl are J.T. . i came up with it when I was very young, an its meant to be read J of the T man. Most people mistakenly referred to me as Joft the T man, so the name stuck for this account.
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  14. Jerln

    Jerln Oxygen Tank

    I kept mashing my keyboard until I got a string of letters that flowed together well.
  15. Kashmir

    Kashmir Giant Laser Beams

    Mine is also a story.
    When I was a little girl, my aunt was a missionary in India. She brought back pictures and I fell in love with the beauty of Kashmir. When I grew up, I bought a dressage horse that was absolutely gorgeous. I named her Kashmir. Then I named my ranch after her (Kashmir Ranch). Every one of my friends has associated me with my ranch name for more than 30 years, so it stuck. (the horse died of an aneurysm and I no longer breed or train). What a drag it is getting old.
  16. Human_User_Bob

    Human_User_Bob Space Hobo

    My user name is to show that I too am human. And I assure you, I am human. I put my shoes on one appendage at a time.
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  17. Ambush

    Ambush Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, 8 years ago I used to watch my Uncle play CoD - MW1 and there was a map called Ambush. I didnt even knew the translation of that word.
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  18. Nikixmina

    Nikixmina Void-Bound Voyager

    Ever sense I was in middle school I've been wishing I was born a girl, and my user name is a pairing between myself as a female and one of my really old OC's Niki is short for Nikiru and Mina was the romantic love. not terribly interesting but eh.
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  19. lemon flavoured

    lemon flavoured Aquatic Astronaut

    Lemon flavoured comes from an emo poem I wrote as a teenager because I got annoyed at falling for girls who ended up being lesbians (it makes some amount of sense in context). My gamertag on Steam is Cryolemon, which is a cross between that and Cryomaniac, which is another name I've used over the years.
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  20. Doctor Stein

    Doctor Stein Subatomic Cosmonaut

    When I was a kid, my older brothers Gamertag was "Commander X" so I was "Commander Y".
    But, he eventually changed his Gamertag and I wanted a change as well.
    I like anime, and I really like Doctor Franken Stein from Soul Eater, so I took his name. =3
    Easy =3

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