Modding Help How can I change the name of the villagers and in dialogue

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Jessicaks, May 13, 2016.

  1. Jessicaks

    Jessicaks Space Spelunker

    I got xnb_node to change the character potraits and sprites, but I really want to change the character's name in the village and in dialogues.

    I was wondering if someone can help me with this, I used xnb to unpack everything and have most in .yaml files, so help would be appreciated :)
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    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

      You cant change the character name without patching the exe, so its not a simple thing to do.
      • Jessicaks

        Jessicaks Space Spelunker

        yeah I know it's not simple, is there a tutorial anywhere where I can learn to do this step by step?

        I learnt how to change the skins on the villagers and their profiles, and I want to learn how to do this to personalize the game :)
        • keion

          keion Master Chief

          Actually if you go to NPCDispositions, at the end of the line by the characters name, you'll find a number and their name (ex for Alex, you'll find 5/Alex) if you change the name there (ex 5/Alexi) you'll change the way the name appears in your heart status window as well as under their portrait.
          • Jessicaks

            Jessicaks Space Spelunker

            oh that's great Thank you!!!

            Is there a way for me to change the name while I'm talking to them too? As well as when someone mentions the name, such as Maru when she talks about Harvey, can I change the name without messing things up?
            • keodau27

              keodau27 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              You can but you have to go through the dialogues files to do it though, but here is the modding guide
              I also have to chimp in that changing their name in NPCDispositions.yaml and in dialogues won't cover all of important dialogues in events like the wedding since it's hard-coded
              • cankersaur

                cankersaur Pangalactic Porcupine

                Hi! Sorry to dig this up, but I don't see the number/name you mention.
                • Jinxiewinxie

                  Jinxiewinxie Farmer Fashionista


                  Found in NPCDispositions.yaml (which is in Content\Data)
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                  • cankersaur

                    cankersaur Pangalactic Porcupine

                    Oh god, i was looking right at that and even with the "find" function I still missed it. D:

                    Thank you so much. I'm sorry!
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                    • Jessicaks

                      Jessicaks Space Spelunker

                      thank you for the reply! IT's strange, I did this in the npcdispotisions.yaml, but nothing changed :( I have edited the conversations already and that worked, but I still get Harvey under his potrait and during conversations with him :(

                      target: "w"
                      compressed: true
                      hiDef: true
                      type: "Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.DictionaryReader`2[[System.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089],[System.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]]"
                      version: 0

                      type: "Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.StringReader"
                      version: 0

                      numSharedResources: 0

                      content: #!Dictionary<String,String>
                      Abigail: "teen/rude/outgoing/neutral/female/datable/Sebastian/Town/fall 13/Caroline 'mom' Pierre 'dad'/SeedShop 1 9" #!String
                      Caroline: "adult/polite/neutral/neutral/female/not-datable/Pierre/Town/winter 7/Pierre 'husband' Abigail ''/SeedShop 22 5" #!String
                      Clint: "adult/rude/shy/negative/male/not-datable/Emily/Town/winter 26/Emily ''/Blacksmith 3 13" #!String
                      Demetrius: "adult/polite/neutral/positive/male/not-datable/Robin/Town/summer 19/Robin 'wife' Maru ''/ScienceHouse 19 4" #!String
                      Willy: "adult/neutral/neutral/neutral/male/not-datable/null/Town/summer 24/Elliott ''/FishShop 5 4" #!String
                      Elliott: "adult/polite/neutral/neutral/male/datable/Leah/Town/fall 5/Willy ''/ElliottHouse 1 5" #!String
                      Emily: "adult/polite/outgoing/positive/female/not-datable/null/Town/spring 27/Haley 'sister'/HaleyHouse 16 5" #!String
                      Evelyn: "adult/polite/outgoing/positive/female/not-datable/George/Town/winter 20/George 'husband' Alex 'grandson'/JoshHouse 2 17" #!String
                      George: "adult/rude/neutral/negative/male/not-datable/Evelyn/Town/fall 24/Evelyn 'wife' Alex 'grandson'/JoshHouse 16 22" #!String
                      Gus: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/male/not-datable/null/Town/summer 8/Emily '' Pam ''/Saloon 18 6" #!String
                      Haley: "adult/rude/outgoing/neutral/female/datable/Alex/Town/spring 14/Emily 'sister'/HaleyHouse 8 7" #!String
                      Harvey: "adult/polite/shy/positive/male/datable/Maru/Town/winter 14//HarveyRoom 13 4/Albert" #!String
                      Jas: "child/neutral/shy/positive/female/not-datable/Vincent/Town/summer 4/Vincent ''/AnimalShop 4 6" #!String
                      Jodi: "adult/polite/neutral/neutral/female/not-datable/Kent/Town/fall 11/Sam 'eldest_son' Vincent 'youngest_son' Kent 'husband'/SamHouse 4 5" #!String
                      Alex: "adult/rude/outgoing/positive/male/datable/Haley/Town/summer 13/George 'grandpa' Evelyn 'grandma'/JoshHouse 19 5" #!String
                      Kent: "adult/neutral/shy/negative/male/not-datable/Jodi/Town/spring 4/Jodi 'wife' Sam 'eldest_son' Vincent 'youngest_boy'/SamHouse 22 5" #!String
                      Leah: "adult/polite/neutral/positive/female/datable/Elliott/Town/winter 23//LeahHouse 3 7" #!String
                      Lewis: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/male/not-datable/null/Town/spring 7/Marnie ''/ManorHouse 8 5" #!String
                      Linus: "adult/neutral/shy/positive/male/not-datable/null/Town/winter 3//Tent 1 2" #!String
                      Marlon: "adult/neutral/outgoing/neutral/male/not-datable/Marnie/Town//AdventureGuild 5 11" #!String
                      Marnie: "adult/polite/outgoing/positive/female/not-datable/Lewis/Town/fall 18/Lewis '' Shane 'nephew' Jas 'niece'/AnimalShop 12 14" #!String
                      Maru: "teen/neutral/outgoing/positive/female/datable/Harvey/Town/summer 10/Robin 'mom' Demetrius 'dad' Sebastian 'half-brother'/ScienceHouse 2 4" #!String
                      Pam: "adult/rude/outgoing/negative/female/not-datable/Gus/Town/spring 18/Penny 'little_baby-girl' Gus ''/Trailer 15 4" #!String
                      Penny: "teen/polite/shy/positive/female/datable/Sam/Town/fall 2/Pam 'mother'/Trailer 4 9" #!String
                      Pierre: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/male/not-datable/Caroline/Town/spring 26/Abigail 'daughter' Caroline 'wife'/SeedShop 4 17" #!String
                      Robin: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/female/not-datable/Demetrius/Town/fall 21/Demetrius 'husband' Maru 'daughter' Sebastian 'son'/ScienceHouse 21 4" #!String
                      Sam: "teen/neutral/outgoing/positive/male/datable/Penny/Town/summer 17/Vincent 'little_brother' Jodi 'mom' Kent 'dad' Sebastian ''/SamHouse 22 13" #!String
                      Sebastian: "teen/rude/shy/negative/male/datable/Abigail/Town/winter 10/Robin 'mom' Maru 'half-sister' Sam ''/SebastianRoom 10 9" #!String
                      Shane: "adult/rude/shy/negative/male/not-datable/null/Town/spring 20/Marnie 'aunt'/AnimalShop 25 6" #!String
                      Vincent: "child/neutral/outgoing/positive/male/not-datable/Jas/Town/spring 10/Jas ''/SamHouse 10 23" #!String
                      Wizard: "adult/rude/neutral/negative/male/not-datable/null/Other/winter 17//WizardHouse 3 17" #!String
                      Dwarf: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/undefined/not-datable/null/Other/summer 22//Mine 43 6" #!String
                      Sandy: "adult/neutral/outgoing/positive/female/not-datable/null/Desert/fall 15/Emily ''/SandyHouse 2 5" #!String
                      Krobus: "adult/polite/shy/neutral/male/undefined/not-datable/null/Other/winter 1//Sewer 31 17" #!String
                      • keodau27

                        keodau27 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        What version of the game are you using ?
                        Your npcdispotisions.yaml is weird, there is no refer names for any of the NPCs, that's probably the problem.
                        This is how the yaml should look :


                        Notice how they all have their names after the line of code
                        My game is the latest versionbtw
                        • Jessicaks

                          Jessicaks Space Spelunker

                          omg that was it! I only had 2.3 installed and updated it to the new version and it worked! Thank you so much! Does this change his name during the events too?
                          • keodau27

                            keodau27 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            In important events like the wedding it still refer to the NPCs using their original names, it works fine for heart events though !
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                            • juicyslew

                              juicyslew Master Chief

                              It's important to remember this changes the name the game calls the character, not the name the other characters refer to that character as. In other words, in dialogue and events you have to change all the speaking so that the characters don't call them the old name, while leaving commands because the character, by code, is still being referred to by they're old name.
                              • Jessicaks

                                Jessicaks Space Spelunker

                                ok cool, and I did that I went through all the convos :) thanks everyone!!
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                                • kimona

                                  kimona Space Hobo

                                  Is this still working?
                                  • Wingyl

                                    Wingyl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Given it was an XNB mod, no.

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