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Would you be interest in an Hotbar quick assign key.

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  1. Founies

    Founies Space Hobo

    I know, I know...
    Probably not the first time it has been asked. But the last discussion I saw about this exactly is from last year.
    Is there or will there be a key modifier to quickly reassign items from the inventory to the Hotbar.

    - Holding 1 + left-click on an item would assign the clicked item in the left hand of the first slot in the active Hotbar.
    - Holding 2 + right-click on an item would assign the clicked item in the right hand of the second slot in the active Hotbar.
    - Etc.. I think you can see the pattern here.

    I am looking to quickly reassign blocks while building or quickly assign an item while in combat. Keeping the inventory open isn't an appealing solution to me.

    I found a partial solution but the execution is awkward and not complete. I can reassign the left hand (only) of any slot by right-clicking the desired item and left-clicking right away. There is something weird with the consecutive right + left-click and I haven't found a way to assign the right hand... Yet.

    If anybody knows at least a workaround, a steam workshop addon, or just any pieces of information related to this feature, I am very interest to know about it.

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