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    Starbound is a unique game with various interesting creatures, from rolling snow ball creatures to talking alpacas. I love this new edition of mechs and it's use of easy travel, however I've always wished for lIke a horse or something that could be bought or tamed and be kept like a fluffalo, but used as mounts to get to places easier on planets without the use of mods (hover bikes have always been confusing). There is as whole race of medieval robots and you've never even considered something like a mechanical horse that they would ride? Like the chicken, it could have a normal version and a robot version. Horses could easily be found on lush and forest planets and can be tamed by throwing some food at it like the ship pets. It can show hearts meaning it liked the food and was tamed or it can completely reject it. It can be kept as pets, but for travel you can craft a saddle and ride it. And if you want to take it on to your ship, you would beam up to your ship while riding it. And the horse can have its own energy bar, where you can walk or srpint for a while (longer than the tech and would take a while like the mech armor, but not too long, it would slow down as the bar goes down, sprinting would consume it's energy more), but when it exhausts, you would need to feed it food for fast recharge or wait a while for it to slowly recharge back. Leave a comment if you like the idea.
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    In some bad glitch fortresses, they do ride robot horses as cavalry. However, I dont know if they will add horses. Will have to ask somebody else on that one, however, taming horses does not seem to be a priority right now( please fact check me so I'm not wrong)
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    Starbound is a vast game that is constantly updating, adding new features and items. I'm not sure what you would consider "priority", the game always has room for more things.

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