RELEASED Horse Replacement: Star Catcher from MLP old Generation

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  1. Valerie Rainbow

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    Hi all!

    This is my first post, so before talk about my horse replacement I want to give thanks for all the amazing mods I found here, I only have instaled 5, but they make my game really enjoyable :)

    Now, here is the only thing I made myself. I love My Little Pony, especially generation 3 (2000-2010 aprox) so I wanted a MLP recolor for my horse, but I only found characters from the new tv show, so I learned how to make these kind of mods only for one horse lol :D

    It is Star Catcher. I didn´t make it pegasus because I thought it looked better without wings ;)





    / * / */ INSTALATION / * / */

    Just paste the file horse.xnb in:

    C:\ \Stardew Valley\Content\Animals

    * * IMPORTANT * *

    You should make a backup of the original horse.xnb file before replace it!! ;)



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    • raelenas

      raelenas Void-Bound Voyager

      Aww omg! Starcatcher was my FAVE, I still have the toy for her! I gotta use this mod, this is sooo cute!
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      • Nivea

        Nivea Starship Captain

        I was wondering what gen she came from, by "old generation" you mean Gen 3 from around 2004. While I did not like that generation of ponies I do dig her design and you made her so bright and happy looking. :)
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        • Valerie Rainbow

          Valerie Rainbow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Thanks for the nice comments!! :)

          Yes it is from Gen 3. I wrote old generation because all the MLP mods I found are based on G4, so maybe the new MLP Fans don´t know who Star Catcher is :D

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