Homestuck Clan Thread: Seven Deudly Acts

Discussion in 'Hangout Threads' started by Starstucks Clan, Jun 26, 2014.

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  1. Padexin

    Padexin Big Damn Hero

    Pretty sure it's also a show
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  2. TachyonBlade

    TachyonBlade Phantasmal Quasar

    If I recall, there was a dumb anime about that or something, with the main character being some guy called Kazuto or some random generic name with a bloody "lance" that looked more like a sword. He even used it like a sword
  3. Padexin

    Padexin Big Damn Hero

    Was it called Kaze-no-Stigma?
    My brother and I tried watching that for about five minutes
    The voice acting was garbage
    We were watching a sub
  4. Bizarre Monkey

    Bizarre Monkey Big Damn Hero

    Oh man, speaking of past ideas, I'll probably make this one into a game maker game since it's stupid and just silly as fuck.

    Basically the Government are trying to force France (among other places) into using this really cheap shitty flour that just doesn't work well at all for Baguettes and Croissants and shit, and eventually this baker gets mad pissed, and with breadstick in hand and satchel on hip vows to weed out this floury menace and reform france to being able to make what it does again.

    The protagonist is a stereotypical as fuck French Baker and his weapon is a breadstick, and it upgrades to different french baked goods.

    So yes, you can go hitting people with a breadstick, also I might make a mechanic where if you're idle you can eat some off the breadstick, which restores a little bit of health but lowers the amount of damage it does by virtue of not being as weighty.

    Picking up sacks of flour would allow you to restore your bread stick, also while not as powerful, you'd switch to a rolling pin when your breadstick was unavailable.

    Ultimate weapons for consideration? "The Baguette", "Croissantimus Maximus Breadus" and ahahaha oh god it is a dumb concept. It is a dumb concept and I love it!

    I'll drop u m8
  5. elusiveTranscendent

    elusiveTranscendent Pangalactic Porcupine

    I just had the most awkward meeting with my sister's boyfriend's family.
  6. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

    You'll drop the Bass?
    We aren't even partying.
    "hey faggots your son is a piece of shit who doesnt deserve my sister and ill fucking kill all of you"
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  7. Bizarre Monkey

    Bizarre Monkey Big Damn Hero

    I think Square-Enix takes the cake for bad subs.

    Final Fantasy X in the original Japanese was apparently even worse than in its English dub.

    Also Kingdom Hearts is greatly dubbed, so much so that it's most popular when it's dubbed for Japanese by the American VA's.

    That's why Final Mixes are even a thing. Japs wanna hear Goofy and Donald in their original VA and also the other Disney characters.

    Japan likes Disney more than Disney likes Disney.
  8. Padexin

    Padexin Big Damn Hero

    What happened?
  9. Bizarre Monkey

    Bizarre Monkey Big Damn Hero

  10. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

  11. Bizarre Monkey

    Bizarre Monkey Big Damn Hero

    Man I just don't feel like being productive today, just gonna lax out play games probably.

    Oh, I should make sure I'm ready for the meeting tomorrow, so charge my laptop, get it updated with Windows updates and restock the business cards. (Two are gone, from the Toowong meeting, my colleagues were pretty impressed with all the preparatory stuff I did.)

    Also put a couple of the newer things on there.
  12. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

    Grody Pineman: i swear man, every pyro player i see is cheating
    Grody Pineman: using external programs like firewalls and shit
    Grody Pineman: when is valve going to start cracking down on this

    SIDE NOTE: I bought KSP and it runs flawlessly.
  13. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

    1. That's because we're just too damn good.
    2. Make a dong rocket.
  14. Ehksidian

    Ehksidian Spaceman Spiff

    aren't all rockets phallic shaped tho
  15. Bizarre Monkey

    Bizarre Monkey Big Damn Hero

    I love this joke, one of the funniest things I've read today. So many layers to it.

    I bought planet explorers last night and it runs sort of not-flawlessly without sabotaging all of it's beauty.

    Gonna have to upgrade this rig soon, by which I mean, just get a new one built to my specifications as I always do.
  16. Relinies

    Relinies King Homestuck III

  17. TachyonBlade

    TachyonBlade Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, thats what it was.
    The Animax dub was actually kind of good, but the story was..................

    Lets just say I hated myself for watching it, but it came before Gurren Lagann, and then later, Evangelion
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  18. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

    This is why you take the offers on porn sites.
  19. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Cosmos Killer

  20. Ehksidian

    Ehksidian Spaceman Spiff

    i finished that today
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