Bug/Issue Hoe tool is missing HELP

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dreams901, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Dreams901

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    Okay I play Star dew Valley on my Nintendo switch I don't exactly know when my hoe tool went missing but I think it was after I died in the skull mines, anyways it never came back in the mail if i did and Idk how to get another one... I've also checked all wooden storage boxes and fridge. I've also tried closing the game and starting it back up multiple times still no luck. If anyone can help please let me know
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      If you're completely sure it's not anywhere (mailed, on the floor near your bed, chests, fridge, blacksmith), I'm pretty sure you could just go to Robin and have her build a multiplayer cabin, take the tool from there, then demolish the cabin if you don't want it.
      • Dreams901

        Dreams901 Space Hobo

        Okay thanks I'll try that hopefully it'll work

        So I tried that method it would let me build the extra cabin but once I tried to demolish it to get the tools from it the game said error and kicked me out. I'm now just trying to redownload the whole game hopefully it'll work then
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