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[Hoarder] How do you organize your storage?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Astrid Speckles, Mar 7, 2019.


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  1. Astrid Speckles

    Astrid Speckles Industrial Terraformer

    I'm a very casual Starbound player, just started playing it this week! I'm tied between being a Nova-Kid and an Avian :3 (I don't play modded, however im trying to figure out how to install the Enhanced Storage mod but I dont know how to use MAC's well xD)

    As in most games I play, I tend to hoard all of the items I come across and usually try to get at least one of every item in the game, which means most of my mental strain goes towards trying to figure out a good storage format that works well for me!
    At the moment I have a chest full of every type of weapon so: Daggers, Shortsword, Boardswords
    And I'm trying to make a chest full of blocks from each biome
    I'm still adjusting as I go completely over my head xD

    So I'm wondering for you hoarders and not hoarders out there, how do you organize your things?
    Weapons, blocks, accessories, everything!
  2. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Phantasmal Quasar

    Well, as for Starbound, I usually classify the item first, like weapons, armors and outfits, tools and medicines, blocks, resources, foods and seeds, collections, and others. After, I classify it, I will build some storages in my spaceship (usually at the back, and I usually use the wall-mounted locker) base on how many type of the item there are, so one wall-mounted locker for one type of item (but I may use two or more wall-mounted locker for one type of item, if the space is not enough). After that, I will put each type of item inside each locker according to its rarety and its alphabetical order (people must be wondering how tedious it is, right?)

    But there are some exception for some class of items. Like weapons for instance. I separate the weapon in to much smaller class, like assault rifle, sniper rifle, dagger, shortsword, broadsword, pistol, machine pistol, shield, hammer, axe, spear, and special weapons. So, there will be more than one storage for the weapons. But I don't do that anymore, I don't collect weapons anymore (they are randomized, it is pointless in colllecting them). Now, I only collect special weapons, like flamethrowers and boomerang.

    There are also some exception for armors and outfits. I arrange it inside a locker horizontally, according to its class and sets. Because there are many of them, I usually build a room dedicated for storing the armors and outfits I found or built.

    The last one is for the collection. I separate it in to fossils, bugs, figurines, pets, and the trophies from Nuru (except for the fishes and dishes of course, there is no way I can collect it, I can only record it) . I put it in a different lockers. Except for the trophies from Nuru, I usually just put it in my room for me to view it everytime I enter my room.

    Those are all the ways of how I hoard the items I found while exploring the universe and the way how I classify them all. It looks frustrating and tedious, right? But I enjoy most of it.

    Additional notes:
    Oh yes, I forgot one thing. I also collect codexes. I will just put it in the locker near the teleporter, and arrange it in alphabetical order. In the future, I am planning to make a huge library in a planet for the codexes I found, with one codexes inside each bookshelves. So, it looks like the library has many books in it.
  3. kukagres

    kukagres Tentacle Wrangler

    In my particular case, on the first planet where you appear, I built a long elevator that goes from the surface to the magma floor.
    From the bottom up I have:
    1) Containers of liquids (in alphabetical order, and of abundant liquids)
    2) Wooden crates with blocks (also in alphabetical order)
    3) Figurines, bugs, decorations, doors, furniture, lights, seeds & saplings, storage, armor & dye, codex, cooking ingredient & crafting material, etc. etc.
    (I follow this order: https: //starbounder.org/Category: Items)
    4) Arms separated into 3 sections, arranged alphabetically.
    5) I plan to make artificial biomes, with critters and monsters. Also a museum with fossils and geological samples.
  4. Grifs

    Grifs Void-Bound Voyager

    Vanilla-wise, I started segregating liquid and solid blocks in case I ever needed them for something. I've never really organized solid blocks though (iirc I've only really used sand for glass). I just more or less threw them away in a storage full of random crap and would like, always waste about 2 minutes trying to find where they are, only to find out much later that I stored a certain block in another base. Sometimes, they'd even end up in another character's ship. I guess that means you should also organize them like the others.

    For crafting materials, I started having separate containers for ores, organic materials (phase matter, living root), and the synthetic stuff (silicon boards, ram, etc) ever since I got too overwhelmed prioritizing what to keep. There's also this one container where I would throw some of the crafted stuff in (bottles, paper, fabric, Synthetic Material). I never did refine my ores though, unless I needed to build something that requires one. But I still dumped looted ingots here.

    As for the weapons, I never thought of categorizing them up until I started using community-made content, and would end up grouping them according to their respective mods. I did the same with their own crafting materials later on.

    The trophies and codices though, I just sell trophies asap then prolly compress them in case I die or something, and read-&-forget the latter, usually just putting it back to where I found it.

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