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RELEASED Hitch. The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch 0.1.0b

hitch race mod

  1. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    ChesterVonWaffle submitted a new mod:

    Hitch. The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch - hitch race mod

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  2. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Big Damn Hero

    This mod reminds me of the "Sleek Glitch Chassis" Design. I also enjoy the on-screen emotion display. Though the mod does seem some ways away from a finished project, it was JUST released and I do like the new twist to the design.

    Mind if I make a suggestion that I think would improve the race?
    Instead of using normal facial expression for the race, because it uses a screen, you could use emotes or symbols to express the emotions they feel instead. (Ex. a Heart appears on screen for what they like.)

    Sleek Glitch Chassis mod VVV
  3. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    This is one of changes i want to make in (probably near) future but first i wanted to gather some motivational feedback and complete hairstyles set ;D

    And I think I can make alternative version whitch will be reusing Sleek Glitch sprites to some degree(I just don't want to copy the design 1:1)
  4. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Big Damn Hero

    Fair enough, wouldn't feel right just to strip it out. (That and copying ones assets without permission is a no no.)

    Yeah, definitely noticed there were quite a few blanks when going over the hair styles, I'm curious to see what you have in mind, I'm certain there are plenty of designs to choose from.
    Oh, and while this is a more difficult implication to add it, would you be willing to consider adding in unique variety of eye styles when cycling threw the eye colors?
    You can see this type of modification present in the lucario mod if you need a reference.

    Oh, and it might be a good idea to bring this to steam if you REALLY want to give it more attention, most users go threw the steam workshop then Chucklefish Forums.
  5. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    Mod is present on steam
    Accually it was on steam a few hours before it was here
    I made a few new and some placeholder hairstyles to fill that empty space but it has to wait to be published because i borrowed small part of them...
  6. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Big Damn Hero

    Oh, huh, that's odd, could've sworn I looked up this race on steam right after checking it out here. Must mistaken it.

    Yeah, figured those were just placeholders.

    I've always wanted a sleeker robotic race, however simply changing the glitch off there current theme in appearance didn't seem right. Glad to see a race mod that adds a more scifi robotic approach to the universe.
    I'm liking the design thus far and I'm looking forward to see what else you have in store! ^w^

    I'mma go and check it out on steam now. owo
  7. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    Link to steam is now in the description ;D
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  8. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Big Damn Hero

    Oh, btw, in case you weren't aware, the link to the image you have at the top of the description doesn't work.:geek:
  9. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    Well... It works now.
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  10. ChesterVonWaffle

    ChesterVonWaffle Space Hobo

    ChesterVonWaffle updated Hitch. The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch with a new update entry:

    Hitch! The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch! (update 0.1.0b)

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